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Catch Pokemon with PokeNotify app

by amol238

There’s an app for everything 🙂

Jumping on the Pokemon Go bandwagon, this new app has eliminated the need to keep the Pokemon Go app on to catch Pokemons, Pokenotify – notifies you whenever there is a Pokemon nearby or near your vicinity. You don’t have to waste your time running around the streets trying to locate one and drain out your battery. The app fits the need perfectly:)

Pokemon App

Once you get notification of the Pokemons around your vicinity, you can go hunting.

The app has some super features:
– It lets you select the Pokemons that you’ll be interested in catching.
– It tells you where and how much time you have before the Pokemon disappears.

And you won’t get banned by Pokemon Go as you don’t need to login to your Pokemon Go account to use this app. The app is currently available on Andriod.

Download the app here and Go Pokemon hunting 🙂

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