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How to Recover your deleted files on Android with EaseUS Software

by amol238

EaseUS Software

Getting your kids images erased accidentally from your laptop or mobile device is every parents nightmare, or imagine all your data on the hard disk getting wiped out accidentally, it can happen when you say yes to delete all files while trying to delete a few files. It’s the most depressing feeling trust me, I’ve had 4 GB of my kids’ pictures wiped out by accidentally clicking on delete all.

Being in a state of helplessness you start to surf the net for data recovery software and start to call friends to help. While there are a lot of data recovery softwares available on the net, one of the recent ones that I found to be powerful and secure is EaseUS.com.

I’ve prepared a simple guide for you to read and implement to get your data recovered with EaseUS recovery software. The guide explains “How to Recover your lost and deleted data on Android”, this is also available on Apple iOS

The EaseUS software is very powerful tool and can recover your data from any device running on Android be it mobile or tablets. All you need to do is download the software on your computer and follow the basics steps mentioned below to recovery lost data.

The EaseUs MobiSaver for Android is free to download and use.

Step 1: Download and Connect
– You can download the software from the site on your desktop and connect your Android device to the desktop. The USB cable will help you connect the two devices. Once the devices are connected click on the “start” button, the software will recognize the device and initiate the next step

Step 2: Initiate a scan of your device
– The next step is to initiate a scan of your device to find the missing files, once the divide is scanned the list of missing files or files that can be recovered will be shown on the screen. It is advisable to ensure that you device is 100% charged as the scanning of the files will take time for completion.

Step 3: Hurrah, check your recovered files
– Its going to be a hurrah moment to see the lost or deleted files on the screen as the software restores them. The preview of the files is available on the screen showing you the various files types that have been recovered.

I can’t tell you how awesome that feels – seeing the deleted images of your kids back on your laptop

Step 4: Recover your lost files from your device
– This is the last and final step to get your files back, the preview will show you all the files that are lost or deleted – you can choose to recover the files that you want from the list of all the files shown in the software.

Step 5 is to jump in joy and raise your hands as you see the files recovered – The hurrah moment

Download Easeus and get your files back

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