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101 PPC Experts share their Number One Tip on PPC Optimization

by amol238

PPC Adwords

PPC or Pay Per Click advertising is one of the fastest way to get traffic to your blog, and quality traffic. If the campaigns are configured correctly based on the audience profile, it can also get targeted traffic to your site.

But all this comes with a cost, each time a web user clicks on your ad on Google search or any other platform you pay the publisher a fee based on the number of ad clicks that your advertisement has received.

PPC also comes with a learning curve, understanding the platform and its function can be a daunting task for a newbie. The magic of Pay per click is continuous improvement in optimizing the ads to appear high in search results and maintain a low CPC – cost per click budget. As such most PPC campaigns are not profitable.

My friends at PPC.org has made this task simpler for you by asking 101 PPC experts to share their number one PPC tip on optimizing campaigns. The elite list includes top bloggers and affiliate marketers ie. Neil Patel , Zac Johnson, Gail Gardner and many more. I am privileged and honored to be a part of this elite network.

The post is exhaustive and can be used as a learning guide on PPC Marketing. I suggest you read the tips from these experts a few times and share this with your network.

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