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How Google Adwords Works – An Infographic

by amol238

PPC Adwords

Google Adwords is Google’s paid advertising platform, where an advertiser pays Google to showcase their ads. The ad platform is a bidding model where the advertiser bids for certain keywords and pays once the user clicks on the ad.

Google makes money from the advertiser once the user clicks on the ads. Google adwords is of the most profitable advertising platform, more than 90 % of Google’s revenues come from this platform.

My friends at PaidTraffic.io, a digital agency that specializes in helping clients leverage the Adwords platform effectively by creating profitable advertising to showcase their products and services has created a very simple infographic on – “How Google Adwords Works”.

The infographic not only covers how the platform works but also gives an overview of how an advertiser can pay less for running campaigns on the adwords platform by optimizing ads.

The team at PaidTraffic also shares an interesting stat that – 89% of traffic from paid ads isn’t replaced by organic clicks when ad campaigns get paused.

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