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5 mistakes to avoid on the contact page

by amol238

Technology Mistakes

The Contact Page is one of the most critical pages of your blog or website – Well, no one can get in touch with you if the contact page does not exist or has errors. This can results in no business leads or less business leads and revenues for your blog.

Below are 5 of the most annoying contact page mistakes that can hamper your online business.

1) Making the contact page less conspicuous

– The contact page can be presented with alternative names like “contact us”, “get in touch with us”, “write to us” and so on. No matter what name you give it, ensure that the page is easily accessible from the home page of the website.

The website visitor must be able to see the link even without scrolling the website down. I suggest that you keep one call to action (ie. you can use “contact us” across the site, that’s what I use on the blog, or use “get in touch with us”) on the entire website to make it simpler for the user to connect and reach the contact page.

2) Missing out on important information:

– Make sure your contact information is comprehensive. You must have a physical address, email contact as well as contact name with the telephone number mentioned in the page. Landmarks near the business building must be mentioned and a map of the location must be included. Integrating it with Google maps makes it simpler for users to know your location.

3) Not testing the contact form:

– This can prove to be a nightmare for bloggers, I had a horrifying experience with the contact form on the site, I added additional fields to the contact form, but did not test it once it went live. This resulted in no leads or contacts – thus missing out on business revenue. I had to revisit the form and test it before making it live .

The contact form needs to be tested on a regular basis, especially if you see a dip in leads.

4) Not updating the “contact” details

– If you have changed your number or address or contact id make sure it reflects on your webpage. Inaccurate information lowers your credibility among potential customers and may also lead to loss of good business opportunities.

5) Not including a way for potential customers to call you

– Some customers may want to submit queries regarding the company’s products or services. They may probably want to talk to your sales representative before making a purchase decision. Don’t forget to include a contact number on the contact page thus allowing customers yet another way to get in touch with you.

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