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4 Common Mobile App Marketing Mistakes

by amol238

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Mobile devices have turned out to be an integral part of people’s lives. It has become a favorite tool for literally anything, including reading the latest news, watching movies, socializing, shopping, navigation and more.

And how do people consume such content today?

Apps! Marketers find smartphones as the most ideal medium to communicate with their target audience. If you need to fulfill your goals and reap maximum benefits, make sure not to commit these 4 mobile app marketing mistakes.

1) Treating Mobile & Desktop Experiences the same:

You need to create a ‘mobile responsive’ design that is more is smart and simple to use. A chopped down version of desktop website just won’t cut it. Mobile apps should offer unique and powerful capabilities that let customers to do more.

2) Building an App as a Launcher for your Website:

There are thousands of apps in the App store and Play Store, so publishing an app that’s merely a launcher of your mobile website will force users to find an alternative. A feature-rich mobile app is a must to succeed.

3) Disregarding your App’s Customer Base:

When your customers download your app, it is an opportunity for you to communicate with them in a personal way. Disregarding their opinion or feedback can impact customer loyalty. You can build in-app communication tools to let customers submit their feedback about your app and services.

4) Taking User Privacy Lightly:

It’s extremely important to respect your app users’ privacy. Make sure you follow the regulations with regards to collecting and securing personal information. Ask customers’ permission before obtaining any personal data from them.

Avoid these 4 common mistakes and make the most of your app marketing opportunities. Providing a hassle-free user experience enhances your brand image and recognition in the long run.

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