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Leadpath – Your Path to Website Profitability

by amol238

A great looking website with super graphics and design is no good if it does not have the business potential and a path to profitability. While you can be happy with the aesthetics of the website, you’ll not be happy with the money that the website makes.

In most cases great looking websites don’t focus on profit or leads from the site – resulting in a bootstrap situation and less of funds to keep the website going.

The best websites are a perfect blend of design and a business model to make money online. If your website has been struggling to make money online, the question you need to answer is – How will I make money in 2017 from my website or How will my website be a lead generation machine, how can I get more leads from my website and turn profitable.

What is Leadpath ?
Leadpath is an easy to use lead management software that will help you design aesthetically smart landing pages and forms to help you capture leads that result from the traffic on your website. These leads can then be contacted for a sale of your product or service.

What leadpath does is acts as a platform to make it easier for you to create a form and then capture the lead that can be passed on to the sales team or can be integrated into a CRM (customer relationship management) model.

How will Leadpath help me ?
Leadpath is an easy to use lead management software that will allow you to capture all the information that you need about the user from the first touch point to the close of sale.

A) Landing page creation and optimization:
This is a the most important funnel online, that will help you reach the user in an non-intrusive manner to get a lead. Leadpath has various templates to create easy landing pages to help you capture what you need from the user.

These landing pages will help engage with users and help them perform tasks or actions that you may want them to take. This could be an opt-in mechanism or sale.

B) Form Builder:
The form builder is an integral component of the software, it allows to capture data that is required from a business perspective to contact the user ie. name, email id , tel. no. etc. These field are easy to set up in the form builder without any restrictions. You can do all this without having to code or develop any additional aspects. The form builder has a drag and drop feature that can be used to create the required form fields.

C) Lead validation:
The platform uses the state of the art lead validation process to check if the data entered is genuine and not spammy, it checks for duplicity of data and the information that is provided by the users. The system has a robust mechanism to generate reports based on the leads received on a daily basis.

D) Web Based delivery & Tracking:
The system also provide a comprehensive tracking mechanism to track the leads, so that leads that are real time and consider hot leads can be addressed quickly. This is all on the web and easy to track without any complicated excel sheets and complex interface.

Some of the other features that I recommend you to check are
– Lead nurturing
– Traffic and User Analytics
– Call path, Call Software

These are all integrated in Leadpath to give you an effective and an efficient platform to handle the leads from your website. The set up not complicated and can be set up by clicking a few buttons

Check out Leadpath

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