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How to shorten URL links and track them with Taveo

by amol238

URLs structuring is one of the key aspect of SEO, shorter and relevant URLs get the maximum attention of search engines. While URL structuring is important from an SEO perspective, URL shorteners are important from a viability and visibility perspective.

Let me explain why I am a big advocate of using URL shorteners

With the high growth and traffic on social media namely Twitter and Facebook, URL shorteners have got a new lease of life. You no more just use these in emails, the scope and reach is much wider now. Twitter has a tweet or post limit of 140 characters which means that if you have a long URL your tweet will not be accepted – You’ll need to shortener your URL to make it viable on Twitter.

What are URL shorteners ?

URL shortners are tools that covert long and ugly looking URLs into short URLs or short and easily manageable links. Clicking on these short links the user is redirected to the original long link where he can read the content of the page. These links can be posted on social media channels ie. Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus or any other channel without having to worry about the character limit.

The best part of URL shorteners is that the links are more manageable, look short and redirects the users to the original link – ensuring relevancy of the link and the path to the original webpage content.

While there are lots of URL shortener tool available online, one of the recent ones that caught my fancy was Taveo.

What is Taveo ?
It’s a URL shortening tool that not only helps shorten URLs but also gives you accuracy in tracking and measuring traffic. Taveo gives a lot of emphasis on tracking and analytics, giving a broader view of what’s happening to the user journey once the short URL has been created.

Creating short URLs is very simple and easy with Taveo. You can sign up for a free account with a valid email id, once you have registered for an account you can start creating short URLs from the dashboard.

Taveo URL shortener

What I like about Taveo is the capability of rich analytics data that you can get for your short URLs, the analytics can tell you about
– No of visitors from the link
– The location of the visitors (ie. Country and state )
– Web browser type
– Device type (ie. Smartphone, desktop, tablet )

Taveo short URL tool

Taveo has the capability of distinguishing a bot click v/s an actual human click, you’ll know from the report if your link was accessed by a human. This is a big differentiators as a lot of links on social media channels today are bot clicks.

Taveo’s smart technology can also detect if the user who link the links have installed an ad blocker. Taveo is a great tool that works across all devices and is compatible with all operating systems. Check it out

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