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Google takes on Skype with Duo

by amol238

Google Duo

Google released its much awaited ‘Duo’ calling app, this cross functional app is a now geared to take Skype head on with its audio and video capabilities.

It had announced earlier this year at the Google I/O conference for developers that it was working on a new voice calling app “Duo” since the last few months.

Amit Fullay, Google’s product lead working on the app says, that “it’s a no frills, easy to use video calling app“.

All you need to do is tap the call button, tap the contact persons name in your mobile contact and the call is made. The simplicity lies in the user experience of the app. since it dials out the contact from the contact list maintained in your mobile phone book. “Duo” does not need a separate contact calling list.

“Google Duo” is available on Android and OS, you can chat across platforms with the app. Android users can chat with Apple OS users as both the platforms are compatible.

The set up is very similar to the Whatsapp Messenger platform where you have to register with your phone number. To set up Duo, all you need to do is input your phone number, receive a confirmation text from Google and start calling. Very simple to set up and use.

Google is all set to take on Skype with the launch of “Duo”, it might bundle the “Duo” app as a default calling app on all Android phones.

What about Google Hangouts ? As per Amit Fullay, Google Hangout will still operate as a separate chat platform for group calls and collaboration. Where as Duo is very one on one based application.

Duo is available for all users across the globe on Andriod and Apple iOS

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