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Google’s Allo app launches this week

by amol238

Google's Allo App

The news is out, Google’s new AI app – Allo will launch this week. In a Tweet Evan Blass, once of the most influential tech bloggers from Venture Beat mentioned on Twitter, “Hello Allo (launches this week). Check out Evan’s Tweet.

What is Google Allo ?

– Allo is Google’s smart messaging app, that only requires a mobile number to identify you – Smart Indeed, but haven’t the Whatsapp and the SnapChats of the world already done this before. Sure they have and have done it well but you can expect Google to experiment with a smart messaging app alongwith some of its patented algos.

Allo’s launch comes after Google recently launched Duo, Google video app. The app come with all its secured features and cook stickers (ala SnapChat) to give a super chat experience, however the success will be closely monitored by tech enthusiasts and the community.

Allo comes with AI backed technology that is very powerful in creating a great chatting experience with minimum typing. If someone posts am images, you automatically get a reply option saying, “Super” or “Love it” making the chatting experience quick and immersive.

The cool aspect about the app is that you don’t need to associate it with a Google account, all it takes is a mobile number identification to get started.

Here is an example of some of the cool stuff that you can do with Allo

Google Allo - Smart App

Allo …are you on ?

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