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Google’s Upcoming Enhanced Campaigns: Are You Prepared ?

by amol238


Google has launched Enhanced Campaigns and has arranged training events in various cities. Those who have participated in the training programs have experienced good results of their web marketing campaigns. The main reason behind introducing these changes is to provide the end users with the most relevant information that they are looking for.

However, the advertisers find it a hurdle in their way to reach the targeted audience. It’s the wish of every advertiser to get more targeted site traffic and more clicks, resulting in higher return on investment. But, as Google has changed the rules, so it’s better to know what’s new in order to stay in the competition.

In the lines below, you will come to know few of the rules of the game that Google has introduced recently, related to Enhanced Campaigns.

What Customer Wants Is More Important Than The Device Type!

Many web masters divide the traffic on the basis of device type, which gives more control. Clients think that the conversion rate for tablets, mobiles, and computers is different as users behave differently on different devices.

Adobe studies reveal that tablets convert greatly than PCs because of the enhanced trend of using tablets. However, the thing is Google considers the intent of the users, which is the same on different devices. However, the new rules suggest that advertisers have to write Ads that could motivate the computer as well as tablet users.

Mobile Traffic Is At First Place

People accessing internet through mobile phones are increasing with every passing day and websites are receiving more traffic from mobile devices. It has been predicted that in 2013, mobile-based traffic would cross the computer-based traffic. If you are selling SEO services UK, you will have to devise strategies accordingly.

The Enhanced campaign allows the advertiser to bid more for targeting the mobile users while staying within the same campaign and to change the bid depending on the physical location of the customer. The greater advantage of this feature would be to the small and medium sized businesses. Mobile phone users will get the offers directly, as this has been facilitated in the new features.

The new Enhanced Campaign settings discourage advertising to the ATT-supported iPhone user on a search campaign. Google explains this feature that they would figure out what the searcher wants and will display the Ad on the right mobile device.

It’s all interesting, as the conversion style of iPhone users is different from that of the Android users.

Averaged Quality Score

Many people say that quality score is dead now, but in actual, it’s still alive. However, Google will display the aggregated quality score.

For advertisers who are willing to advertise within one campaign both for mobile devices and computers, there would be one score. Some say that the score would be a weighted average depending on the traffic received by each device.

Many advertisers can see a different quality score for mobile devices as well as computers. The Enhanced Campaigns also have a feature of targeting the computers only, excluding the mobile devices. Although, Google isn’t encouraging this, but separating the traffic is important to get the desired return over the investment for the client.

More Power And Tracking For Sitelinks

To enhance the click through rate of an advertisement, Sitelinks play an important role. For competitive markets, these Sitelinks become a clear line of distinction for success and failure.

In the current Google AdWords settings, Sitelinks are limited to certain extent. How? Here are given few points.

  • The Sitelink success is available only if the URLs are made unique. The existing AdWords settings have a single CTR for Sitelinks. It’s not easy to find which Sitelink is the winner. If a single change is made to the Sitelinks, it disturbs the complete set of Sitelinks. It makes tough the testing of the new Sitelinks.
  • The approval of Sitelinks is greatly connected. If one Sitelink is denied, the same happens at once to all other Sitelinks.
  • These Sitelinks are only considered at the campaign level.

In the new Enhanced Campaigns, the advertisers are given complete power as well as control of their Sitelinks. The Sitelink changes help in capturing the mobile audiences. Few important changes of the Sitelinks are mentioned in the lines below.

Adgroup Sitelinks

This feature of Enhanced campaigns is the favourite one for the advertisers. It provides the advertisers with enhanced control even at the adgroup level. For any advertiser, who wants to target additional page or the product for certain adgroup, this feature provides great control.

Another change is availability of statistics not at the group level, but at the extension level. It happened with previous settings that a change brought to one Sitelink might cause date loss of the entire Sitelinks. Now, it’s not like that. Now, if a change were made for one Sitelink, there would be no change in statistics for any other Sitelink.

It’s up to the advertiser which mobile extensions they want. It’s important to know what do the customers want and what are their intents. After knowing their intents, it would become easier to provide the mobile users with relevant extensions.

Enhanced Call Data Tracking

Calls are integral part of many businesses. However, Google doesn’t support efficiently the call tracking.

The Enhanced campaigns settings provide more tracking power to the advertisers. The new settings enable the advertisers to record all the calls within specified time that ended at conversions. All this will help in providing the clients with clear picture of their web marketing campaign.

Failure Lies In Lack Of Planning

In June, Google will convert all campaigns into Enhanced campaigns. Before changing the settings, better to look at all of the available enhancements. As campaigns are different, so the changes are also different. It’s time to get started with the planning phase, as June is approaching near.

It’s all about Enhanced Campaigns. If you have any more points or want to comment in the lines below, feel free. It’s not just sharing, but also more about caring.

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Zeo Unic April 5, 2013 - 6:41 am

I’ve already attended many Google campaigns because they are very helpful for bloggers like us. Definitely I am ready to attend the next.

Rajkumar Jonnala April 6, 2013 - 6:12 am

this is really a good news for all the google users thanks for sharing it keep going

Yasir Khan April 8, 2013 - 8:47 pm

SEO becomes uncertain and the best thing to about it as a web marketer is to always be prepared especially today that the search engines are stricter. You must safeguard yourself and your business to avoid having big problems like big drop of your web rankings.

Jasmine April 10, 2013 - 10:45 pm

It’s great to know all these info on how to enhance your campaigns on Google. Thanks for sharing these, Emma.


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