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5 Ways PPC Goals Can Affect A Call Tracking Strategy

by amol238

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Consumers have set goals in mind when searching for current products, services or newly innovated renditions of both: reach the company and learn more about them.  

With mobile click-to-call and Skype taking over the internet phone world, customers can now reach your business through ad extensions in AdWords which allows phone numbers to be appended to your advertisement.   

Measurements of conversions when appending phone numbers to your advertisements needs more than conventional Analytics data tracking to properly optimize your ROAS (return on ad spend), afford the opportunity for split testing, gauge your returns and receive full authority of phone calls received.  

Here are perhaps the greatest ways that your pay per click advertising goals can be exceeded through call tracking stratagems.

Increasing Lead Flows
– Clientele tend to raise eyebrows when advertising budgets cannot be completely justified when placing advertisements for them, especially when phone numbers are appended to individual campaigns.  

When optimizing conversions for clients, you’ll inevitably have the opportunity to run A/B advertising splits which can each have their own unique number for tracking better performing ads.  

For each ad variation that has variant phone numbers, you can track performance and send separate reports to assure call strategies are adhered to, adjusting verbiage or shifting monies between campaigns which perform better over time.

Also, when customers call respective clients, the actual methodology used to find your business can be documented for increase or decrease in advertising dollars spent.

Also, the quality of leads flowing inward can be gauged properly when call tracking strategies are intertwined in pay per click ad campaigns. Localities or numbers that aren’t producing the quality of calls expected can be whacked, or added, accordingly.

This also ties closely into lead nurturing, the post-lead or sales customer whom you want to keep on board for later advertisement delivery.

Allow Optimal Ad Spend Tracking
– AdWords campaigns are keyword driven, tracked and budget segmented according to many variables, such as responses, revenue per response and leads generated from calls or online forms.

Whether you’ll run mobile click-to-call advertising campaigns or not, you’ll have the opportunity to track dynamic phone numbers enabled in ad campaigns to see exactly where you’ll need to adjust keywords, nomenclature or simply offer reports at keyword level to clientele who wish to see if certain words can be ameliorated from their campaign.  

Without fail, you’ll need to expand your tracking for several reasons, many which simply revolve around following your potential customers’ habits. Other specifics that go into optimizing ad spend include:

  • Leveraging customer acumens – Part of optimizing call tracking for tightening ad spend revolves around tracking customer habitual movements, questions and issues. Since products and services evolve to fix or fill voids, advertising dollars can be keyword-level tracked based off customer’s needs and surveyed again upon phone call for deeper understanding of ad response.
  • Location sectioning – Another portion of optimizing ad spend allows for geo- targeting pre- and post-phone call to gauge popular localities which respond to advertisements. This works best when running nationally-driven campaigns.

With each keyword, city, conversion rate and unique phone number being tracked, the level of ad spend tracking narrows down enough to proffer optimal revenue gauging so future advertisements can be formed around historical data calculated from phone call conversions in prior ads.

Allows ROI Differentiation
– Business owners, entrepreneurs and even marketing professionals never really know how pay per click campaigns are boding when including phone number extensions until the call is actually placed, the lead is generated, or the sale is finalized.

Since many professional services will be paid and finalized via phone or in person, the ROI tracking methodology becomes slightly problematic.  

If phone calls are tracked via website, that data needs tracked as well; with pay per click and phone call tracking modes for each type of marketing strategy, where and when your ROI is increasing or decreasing can be easily goal tracked. Why is this important feature necessary in all pay per click campaigns?  

Two major reasons come to mind:

  • Certain keywords could generate higher volumes in searches, lower your ROI yet yield better leads. Tracking why this occurrence is happening will allow you to raise ROI by responding to PPC keywords placed in the advertising campaign.
  • Keywords can propagate lower search volumes but increase your ROI and customer conversions. With this statistic, one can easily learn where to increase advertising dollars to inevitably raise ROI.
  • Self-reported phone call data can be better understood on client side since visitor may prefer seeing your website before calling your business. This data can be fed back into the marketing campaign for better keyword outreach.

All above ROI tracking parameters are set in place to deliver ROI reporting mechanisms which are employed through call tracking technologies. By taking this valuable data, splitting and segmenting heavier volumes of searches into groups of higher responding keywords will allow businesses to see where the ROI is lacking, or increasing, so either more diversified phone numbers are needed or more keywords are merited.

Proper Lead Accreditation
– Depending on the agency, some will work off contingency while others will expect flat fees of services rendered. In order to justify spending advertising dollars on agencies and in order to receive proper credit for leads produced, pay per click strategies need proper tracking to avoid confusion when doling out kudos.  

No matter if you’ve got thirty numbers or one, tracking specific leads generated by mobile or internet responses will allow proper credit to be given to marketing professionals who’ve organized the campaigns. If the client wishes to continue allowing your marketing efforts, he or she can easily view the invested monies versus sales, phone call responses and other keyword interactions and base their decision off those demographics.

Analyzing how competition is driving leads, inherently, comes with specifically accrediting leads generated as once you’ve gauged who is driving an increase in leads, the ‘how’ will shortly follow.

Keeping PPC Goals Congruent To Call Strategy
– The main purpose behind having call strategies included within pay per click campaigns is increasing the income potential for your business idea or placate customers to the point of feeling comfortable doing business with you. When call strategies aren’t tracked properly, accurately measuring ROI is nearly impossible since specific tele metric data is needed to amplify future campaigns.  

Taking the extra time to implement proper pay per click tracking means ROI will effectively be gauged, customer leads can be accurately nurtured and your overall marketing efforts can decrease in dollars spent. Expect a downward spiral on ROAS when both click and call strategies aren’t congruent with each other since they’re both reliability tools necessary to continue flourishing in marketing.

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Estate Agents in Enfield October 12, 2012 - 11:55 am

a wonder full stratigy of tracking a call thanks a lot

Tim October 12, 2012 - 12:00 pm

Thanks for appreciating the content.

ZK October 12, 2012 - 12:42 pm

PPC and SEM will be vital to growing your online business..as Google keeps updating their algos regularly. They want you to pay for promoting your site on Google..

Tim October 12, 2012 - 12:46 pm

Completely agree with you ZK.

Jessica John October 16, 2012 - 5:30 am

these PPC functions are very helpful to expand any business rapidly on Google search engine. PPC can boost any business within days because it is very keen and effective to get good figure of traffic as well as business.

Tim October 16, 2012 - 10:20 am

Thats true Jassica. Its instant traffic.


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