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5 Tips to Create Effective YouTube Bumper Ads

by amol238

You Tube Video Marketing

There is so much you can tell your audience in just six seconds and this is why bumper ads are becoming the “in thing” among the best brands. With more and more short and interesting videos flooding YouTube, you cannot depend upon a 30-seconds advertisement to create impact. You need to think differently and out of the box to create effective videos.

The below tips will help you create effective YouTube bumper ads.

1) Don’t try doing too much within the six seconds
– In other words, keep it simple! You may want to add the company tagline, product information, brand message or maybe a small story to add value to your product or service. Obviously, doing all this within 6 seconds is impossible. Focus on just a single element that you wish to convey and present it in the most attention grabbing way.

2) Start the video with compelling visuals
– When your advertisement starts amidst an interesting video that the customer is watching, the foremost visual must be interesting enough to prevent them from looking away or neglecting the ad as just another marketing gimmick. Focus on a single visual signal to avoid misconceptions among viewers.

3) Bumper video series are more powerful
– A full story cannot be told in six seconds! But you can pose a question in the first part of the bumper video and then release another one to explain the answer. Allow the first part that features the question to create curiosity until you choose to reveal the answer with another bumper ad video.

4) Create episodic contents
– Rather than expressing the whole story in 30 seconds, Bumper ads enable brands to sort out a story over an undefined time frame, the only difference being a series of separate ads as instead of a single one. This approach turns bumper ads to be more effective for recalling an ad. Today’s modern viewers prefer only shorter ads, & these bumper ads are in alignment with their demands.

5) Focus on the landing
– Effective bumper ads leave a clear mark with their call to action in the final thoughts of the ad. Viewers take only seconds to view the ad and it is very important to stick to the minds of the customers, so aim to keep the ad simple and execute it appropriately.

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