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AI powers Facebook’s new image search

by amol238

Facebbok AI Search

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the buzzword and its effectively powering up all aspects of technology. The impact of AI can be leveraged across all sectors and industries making it one of the most powerful tool to leverage data and customer insights.

Facebook now with the power of AI lets you search images by typing the actual content within them, taking search to another level beyond the “text” driven technology. The AI system called Lumos recognizes images at a pixel level and not at a tag or caption level. The intelligence built within the system recognizes the actual scenario of the image ie. what is in the image – sea, mountains, known monument etc.

It would be interesting to see the relevancy of image search results ie. how would the search know which dish is being shown in the image or how would it know which colour T shirt am I wearing. I guess it would gradually build on the data and layer intelligence around it.

As per the Facebook Engineering team, the Lumos learning is a deep learning platform and automatically builds on data intelligence gathered from users searching for images. For now Facebook image search is available to US users and will be rolled out worldwide over the next few week.

It would be interesting to know how Facebook will use AI for video searches, however it will still be sometime till it announces it. For now you can go ahead and search for all your favorite images on Facebook.

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