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Handy Guide on Google’s Crawl Rate

by amol238

website crawl rate

Google’s crawl rate is something that all webmasters, blogger and publishers should be worried about. The crawl rate directly has an impact on your site performance on Google search.

If the crawl rate is high, it means that Google bots love your site and they keep visiting it often, which means that your site gets crawls often and has a high chance of appearing in search results.

But how do you as a webmaster or blogger ensure that the Goggle bot visits your blog or site often, and in a lot of cases as soon as the content or post is published. If you have a large site with lot of pages, then the the crawl rate would take time, however if you have a smaller site the crawl rate would be much faster.

However there are factors that a webmasters needs to take charge of which can be instrumental in ensuring that crawl rates are at optimum level. The below are some of the instances where google can punish your site in terms of ranking

Duplicate content
– Incorrect site structure
– Soft error pages
– Low quality or spammy pages
Site Penalty

Google’s blog has a handy feature on Google’s crawl rate and how it can impact your site’s performance on ranking.

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