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8 Tips for a simplified local SEO strategy in 2017

by amol238

SEO is a dynamic field as major search engines undergo lots of change in a small frame of time. Also, competing against other alarming number of websites for local visibility is no easy task. The only way to emerge victorious is to spend your time and energy on improving your local SEO strategy each year. Here are some simple SEO tactics that could raise you high in local search this year,

1: Increase your worth
Keep in mind that having high quality content is the minimum standard in 2017. Other than that understand what your consumers are looking for and offer that effectively.

2: Use the right keywords
While using Google Adwords, operate the keyword tool in your website to get the relevant keywords to your business. After finding the keyword phrase groupings that can be utilized for the rank of your business, optimize your website accordingly.

3: Make use of Google My Business(GMB)
This tool provides free business listings on Google and helps customers to find your business. It is important to declare the location you are targeting in the GMB landing page.

4: Have a stable NAP(Name, Address, Phone)
Ensure that the contact details are accurate in your website. Also, maintain a uniform template for NAP wherever they appear online.

5: Do not ignore online reviews
Online reviews play an important role in showing the quality and credibility of your business. Also, Google considers them while ranking your website.

6: Perfect citations
Use citations from other premium websites. Also, having your business praised by respectable local domains is good for your business.

7: Ease user experience
Fix the broken links and maintain adequate readability, crawlability, navigation and user speed to facilitate the user experience. Also, consider using AMP to attract more customers.

8: Allocate separate webpages for different locations
Have individual webpages for each locations of your business so that your customers find it easy to get details about specific stores.

Above all, adhere to fair practices and have a good understanding of Google directives to have a successful Local SEO campaign.

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