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Google’s 19th Birthday Surprise Spinner

by amol238

Google Doodle

Google just turned 19, WOW…It was 19 years ago that the search engine was started in a garage, at that time it was one of the last entrants in the search space with Alta Vista, Yahoo and AOL controlling the domain.

Today 19 years later they not only dominate the web but also play a large part in the digital ecosystem. The search engine now has more than 4.5 billion people across 160 countries.

Over the years Google has created awesome doodles or interactive elements to engage users. My favorite being the tribute to Freddy Mercury and John Lennon. This year Google is celebrating its birthday with a magical Doodle, the surprise spinner lets you play 19 fun games that show up across the screen making you spend time in spinning the wheel.

While there are 19 interactive games that you can choose to play, however there is a catch here – You’ll end up spending a lot of time playing them 🙂 but if you’re thrilled about online games than this doodle is meant for you.

I’ve spun the spinner a few times and realized that the more you spin the wheel the more addicted you get to playing the games. I also managed to play my favorite game – Pac Man on the doodle. Some of the other games that you can play are – Hallowe’en spells, Cricket, Snake game and also take the Earth Quiz.

Spin the wheel and let me know your favourite game, I wonder if the doodle spin the game idea was taken from the success of the fidget spinners? What do you think ?

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