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9 Stellar Social Media Tips for Bloggers to Stand Out from the Rest

by amol238

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The frustration of having less or no traffic to your website, will suspend your dreams of acquiring potential leads. To upsurge your business leads, you need to be in a place where your leads are! Your potential leads are sure to be live on any social channels.

So, it is necessary that you make full use of the power of social media. Social Media is easy to use, if you are still doubtful of its possibilities, here we present to you 9 Stellar Social Media Tips to stand out from the rest.

1. Start your own social channels

Social Media provides your blog with a great exposure. The engagement of the users is spread across the globe and it is not limited to a particular audience. So, look out for the relevant & trending social channels and register yourself.

2. Promote other bloggers

Invite guest bloggers with a large audience base to write for your website and promote their writings through social media. When you promote them, there are chances that their readers are likely to visit your website & follow your social channels too, thus you get a good exposure!

3. Engage with your new followers on Social Media

When you get a new follower, thank them, ask them how you can help them & blend your website link, with the message in a non-spammy way. Be social & friendly!

4. Use Hashtags

Hashtag has become the sensation of social media. They are the mini promoters. There might be difficulty in hunting the right audience, but when you promote your blog with relevant hashtags, there are likely chances, that the right audience might read your post!

5. Request your audience to share

You might be wondering as to why don’t people share my posts? It is because you are not asking them to do it. Have a crisp & clear message for your audience with an end note that requests for a share. This way is very effective on Twitter, G+, LinkedIn and Facebook.

6. Enhance your post with attractive images

Affix relevant and striking pictures to your blog posts. Ensure that the image is aligned properly to meet the standards of social media and is viewed properly.

7. Explore the right time for posting in social media

Your website’s analytics can help you with this! Check out the timings when your website has got the maximum traffic through social media and promote your links during this time, for a maximum visibility.

8. Be consistent

Be regular with your social media presence. This could be a challenge for many, but in the current scenario, this is your blogs life saver!

9. Look out for Paid Ads

You ought to share your blogs through social media, but how far can you do it? Or how much time can you invest in it? Facebook’s ads & LinkedIn’s Inmail can gift you with more visibility and fetch in more organic audience.

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