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6 Common Mistakes in Developing a Blogging Strategy

by amol238

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Blogging is a skill. You cannot really explore this skill and be successful, if you are a couch potato or type out bits of blunt advice to your relevant network. Research says that blogging builds up business! Yes, the content written by a good blogger can roll in visitors to the website, simultaneously increasing the sales leads!

All this can happen only if your blog is in the right way, here we present to you 6 common mistakes you should avoid while developing your blogging strategies:

1. Not enough focus on quantity & quality

Quality long content is the best strategy for a winning blog! The reason is, content in long-form easily gets recognized by the search engines and helps get high ranks. Statistics suggest that about 10% of internet users look for in-depth articles.

When the content is in long form, you have an extensive chance of coupling keywords & backlinks with the content, thereby improving the conversion rates . But, amidst all these, content with no quality is of no use. Take extensive time to craft the content relevant to your network, it is essential, that you grab the attention of the readers and make them stay on the page at least for a few minutes.

2. Terending titles

The title of a blog has the power to slay your blog or to revive it! Create headlines that are trending, creative, informative and proactive with usage of keywords on the topic. Shocking titles get more attention!

3. Not Blogging frequently

Readers expect fresh content every time they visit the blog page. The more frequent you update your blog, the more traffic you get into your website. Maintain a regular schedule for your blog to double your leads.

4. Failure to focus on the target audience

Write contents which will benefit the reader. Never make a direct sales pitch in your blog page, it will debase your blog. You should be able to convey your sales message to your readers without a candid sales pitch.

Stack your readers with facts they won’t find in another place. The association that you build with your readers will help you to turn them to potential leads.

5. Overlooking the SEO part

The search engine spider will scan your blog content for the keywords and the key phrases, only then it will list your blog in the page results. So, it is a must that your blogging strategy supports the SEO strategies. Make sure that the blog has the relevant keywords added up naturally to the text to enhance the readability

6. Lack of promotion & Audience engagement

Promotion is essential, if you are still in the beginner level with a low audience base. You can share your post in social media, forums & newsletter, but whatever means you choose, make sure that you pick it wisely!

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