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5 Sure Shot Ways to Write Winning Blog Headlines

by amol238

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Headlines speak everything. It is what that makes the reader decide whether to go for your content or pass onto others. They are in fact way more important than your blog itself.

Many amateur bloggers spend 95% of their time in making content and just the remaining 5% in making titles, which is a mistake.

To grab maximum attention and click-through rates for your blog, follow these 5 ways to create attractive blog headlines.

Have multiple headlines
Framed a headline for your blog? Well, that’s not enough. Have at least five headlines, out of which you can pick the best one. Writing multiple headlines boost your level of creativity too.

Use Engaging Language
Utilize the power of language to make your headlines engaging to readers. Use appealing adjectives & adverbs and avoid overused ones. For instance, you could use ‘Exceptional’ ‘Fantastic’ or ‘Intriguing’, for the commonly used word ‘Great’.

Keep it Simple
Headlines must be less than 70 characters and it must be simple yet striking to an extent that makes the readers curious. If you are lost for ideas, read the first paragraph to get a gist about the core matter of concern, which will help you to create a headline that reflects the same.

Numbers, all the way!
Numbers attract people more than words do. Incorporating numbers in your headlines can make it accurate and promising for the readers, making them feel that the information that they want can be obtained from your blog.

Typical examples include, “5 tips to maintain oral health” “9 benefits of mortgage brokers” and the like.

Avoid ambiguous headlines
Admit it; we have all seen such blog posts with deceiving headlines, that doesn’t have relevant content on par with such titles. Headlines of this sort might increase click-through rates and curiosity of readers, but it can create a heavy blow in the image of the blogger.

Such distrust will eventually lead to a phenomenon when readers do not prefer to read your contents anymore in the future, despite your change in decisions to write relevant blog posts.

Harness these simple ways to create effective headlines that would welcome every reader to read your blog.

Make it simple, relevant and engaging & you might even end up becoming a sensational blogger anytime sooner.

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Alisha Khan January 17, 2016 - 2:19 am

Really great Post ZK, everyone needs to learn more about the benefits of having a catch headline for all blog posts and articles no matter what niche they are working in. Creating a good headline can be good for SEO, as well. Here is a blog post that talks a little about SEO benefits in headlines and more on what to shoot for in creating a good headline.

Stephanie February 19, 2016 - 3:56 pm

I often find that the hardest part about writing any type of content articles are coming up with the headlines. This is a great post to help brainstorm headline ideas when I hit a writer’s block. The headline drives the tone and perspective of the article, I would say it is the most important part of what you write next to a solid call to action and closing. Nice work ZK!


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