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7 Fresh Ways to Repurpose your Blog Content

by amol238


As a blogger, you might be aware that creating fresh content is crucial. Audiences crave for new and exciting content, but unfortunately, most bloggers are unaware of keeping up with such demands. Different audiences consume content in different ways – Some prefer reading detailed blog posts, while others like to read tweets, watch videos or listen to podcasts.

To re-purpose blog content is to transform your existing content into different media for different audiences.

Adopt these 7 great ways to re-purpose your blog content:

Roundup Blog Posts:
– Create a Roundup blog post that does the purpose. The possibilities of roundup blog posts are endless. You can create them as a recap to a series of old content, or to shortlist your favorites. As this year is nearing completion, for instance, you can create a post, listing out your favorite movies or best albums of the year.

– Bloggers find newsletters as a great tool to keep in touch with audiences. Instead of spreading out a link of your latest blog post, it would be great if you re-purpose an older post of your choice and create some talking points in it.

– Slideshare is a fantastic online tool to share information in the form of visually appealing slides. Content can be repurposed into precise information that looks professional & will be easy for readers to read & grasp.

Infographics have become a great way of representing content . Lot of information can be transformed into attractive pictures wherein vital information can be shared. They can contain statistics, facts and graphical representations too.

Podcast have got a great cult following over the years. Here, the writer talks about what the blog content has, plus a deep analysis and discussion of the same can also be made.

– Webinar is quite frenzy right now. You can use platforms like Google+ to do live demos of blog content that explains the topic much deeper. This also makes way for interacting with people, answering questions.

Live Broadcast:

– Streaming live broadcasts through platforms like Periscope, is one of the best and easy ways to re-purpose your content.

If your blog content is interesting, it can bring the attention of audience quickly.

Rather than always investing your time in making new content, adapt these 7 great ways to revisit your old ones.

What are you re-purposing today? Let us know.

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Barry December 13, 2015 - 4:00 am

Webinars are really great way to pour life into the blogs and make it rather attractive to the new readers and interact with them.

Thanks for tips

Nadya December 17, 2015 - 1:45 am

Roundup Blog Posts can often be seen. Infographics are increasingly gaining popularity 🙂
Great post!
Thank you!


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