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6 Ways To Find A Writer For Your Blog

by amol238

Write Content

Every website needs content. Content is king and that will always remain true for blogs. One of the hard things is consistently creating enough content to keep up with trends and to rank in search engines.

Sometimes, it can be hard to keep up and that’s when it’s time to hire a writer. Before hiring a content writer, be positive that you want someone else to help you contribute to your blog.

For me, I have always had trouble even offering guest blog submissions because I like to write my own articles. However, I do use a writer on iWriter sometimes when I am falling behind.

Find writers on freelance sites

Start with The Best Places for Content
• iWriter
• oDesk
• HireWriters

Always Check Writing Samples
Before you ever hire any writer, you should read at least 2 of their samples. These samples should not only impress you, but also put enough confidence in the writer and their ability.

Remember, you do not want low quality articles making up your blog. You should always post high quality and informative content that doesn’t look rehashed or rewritten.

Don’t Rush To Hire A Writer
Some people believe that they need to hire the first writer they see without weighing all their options. Instead of looking at different websites, comparing prices, and comparing author quality, they just go to one website and hire someone.

This can many times lead to you overpaying for work that isn’t of the highest quality.

When you buy most things, don’t you weigh your options? Make sure you look at some characteristics of each writer and hire the one that suits your need.

Find a Writer Who Is Knowledgeable in your Niche
This is one of the best ways.

A writer who already has a background in your niche will be able to provide more in depth incite. You will find more quality in the articles if you find a good writer who enjoys writing in your niche.

For example, if someone has a great background in SEO and Internet Marketing then they might not be the best person to write articles about dog training. So search and see if you can find where some writers have an extensive background.

Don’t Hire Teams
Some writing services offer “team writing services” instead of just articles from one single person. The bad part about this is that every article will look like someone new is writing it.

Most of the time, these “teams” are made up of writers and editors who all have different styles. What you will find is content that often time looks different and doesn’t match up in writing styles.

You Get What You Pay For
I once bought 15 articles for $5 when I first started. I didn’t post them right to my blog but I edited each one until it was to my liking. However, each article took over an hour to edit because they were so bad. This is because I paid about $.33 per article, which never turns out well.

On other occasions, I have paid $3-$4 an article for packs of 10. What I get are articles that are pretty much ready to be posted to my blog.

If you are going to hire a writer for your blog, look for the best quality you can within your budget. You will always get what you pay for when it comes to content. The more you pay, the better your blog content will ultimately be.

This article is contributed by Pritam Nagrale who is an Indian blogger & he writes about make money ideas, affiliate marketing etc. on MoneyConnexion. He presently runs an internet marketing company in Mumbai.

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