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7 Creative Ways to Overcome the Writer’s Block

by amol238

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As a writer, you often face the problem of running out of thoughts. This can be quite scary and might even stop you from continuing further! However, you shouldn’t let writer’s block hold you back. Here are some ways to overcome it:

1. Just Go With Whatever Comes To Your Mind

If you feel you have nothing else to give to the story you’re writing, then just be creative and write about anything. You could simply pick up a random topic and start writing about it. This helps you to think better. In the process, you usually end up getting ideas for the topic you want to continue with. Start with whatever comes to your minds then sit down to edit it. Once you begin to write its easier to your post.

2. Get Some Exercise

Take some time off writing and work out. Meditate or even practice yoga. Although you might have heard this quite often, it actually works. Your mind feels more relaxed and helps you write in a creative way.

3. Stay Away From Distractions

While writing, turn off your phone and stay away from the internet. They’re big distractions and they usually keep you from concentrating on your story. Also, ask your loved ones to leave you free for sometimes so that you could go on with your work. Check emails every 3 hours instead of every 2 minutes, this will help you focus on the post.

4. Pen Your Thoughts In The Morning

Early morning writing is usually good and more imaginative than usual. Your mind is actually fresh early in the morning as it is still in the dream mode. You’ll be surprised at the stuff you can come up with at this time. I wake up by 5 am, it helps me get ideas for the blog and crystal my thoughts on the article.

5. Write Before Going To Bed

When you are stuck on a particular chapter, try writing it just before going to bed. Think about it as you fall asleep. The next day, you’ll most likely wake up with a solution to this and get back to writing. Be a early sleeper and an early riser.

6. Write The Part Which You’re Sure About

It is not necessary that you have to write a story in an order that it has to be read. In case you aren’t sure about what to write now, but you do know what to write further, just jump ahead and write it. Be a little careful while doing the revision.

7. Don’t Let Anything Hold You Back

Sometimes, writers block leads to a shut down of your entire brain. This is mostly because of the insecurity in you. Be confident and feel free to put in your thoughts.

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Lisa July 27, 2015 - 7:55 am

Amazing Article. I totally agree that at times as a writer you end up exhausting all your points. Those are amazing guidelines on how to avoid the writers block.

Alice Evans August 5, 2015 - 11:21 pm

Thank you so much for sharing this article. Though my #5 is the opposite because I can write well when I woke up in the morning. Amazing guidelines anyway.



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