December 2010

Peace, Love And Blogging in 2011

Before all of us get dressed for dinner, dance and drinks to welcome the new decade I wish all of you and your families a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. 2010 has been amazing. I've loved writing for all of you, helping you with your blogs, marketing, and online businesses. I've said it before [...]

Affiliate Marketing with EWA Private Network

Affiliate marketing is a a great way to promote your products if you are a product owner and a great way to make money promoting products if you are an affiliate marketer. The concept is very powerful and is a win - win situation for the promoter and affiliate marketer. What a lot of us [...]

A Step By Step Guide To Keyword Research: The Right Way

Keyword Research plays a critical role in your search engine optimization campaign. Targeting wrong keywords will results in search engines not ranking you and customer not finding you, resulting in loss of revenue and untargeted traffic to your site. Doing a proper Keyword Research is the foundation stone of your search marketing campaign. Below are [...]

Six Figure Blogger Blueprint 2.0 – FREE Download

David Risley has just released a FREE Download copy of Click Here to grab YOUR copy of the Six Figure Blogger Blueprint 2.0 If you have the earlier version like me then it's time you download this one. The Blueprint has been revised, and it now includes about 20 pages of brand new material that [...]

Christmas Greetings

I thank you all for a wonderful 2010, this blog would not have been possible without you. I wish you all the peace, love and happiness of the season. Have a great Christmas and Happy holidays :)

My buddy Yaro is running one of the biggest and best offers of the season, he is offering a special Christmas discount on the Membership Site Mastermind training program. But the offer is only till the end of 2010, which mean only for the next 6 days. And if you are serious about making a [...]

3 Tips For Announcing Year-End Price Hikes

Price is one of the most sensitive points of any business.  The rate that you charge customers for goods and services is a delicate proposition as you want to charge what you're worth, but still have enough business to earn what you need to live.  If you've been running the numbers and know you need [...]

3 Tips for Scaling Up Your Internet Business

The Internet marketing business is a very competitive one. The best part about being in the Internet business is that you can basically create your own service, much like creating your own Internet marketing from experience, but I'm sure that the following pertains to all sorts of types of businesses. For example, when you first [...]

Keyword Winner SEO Plugin Offer – Save $17

Limited Time Offer: Keyword Winner SEO Plugin Offer - Save $17 Between today and midnight 31st December my buddy Dan Lew, is giving a cool $17 discount on the Keyword Winner plugin, if you haven't yet picked up this awesome SEO plugin then you can save $17 by Keyword winner is one of the Top [...]

I don't care whether you use Google Website Optimizer or Omniture. The principles below are universal and it doesn't matter what software you use for testing. Only 2 conditions need to be met in order for this article to be relevant to you: You need to be willing to test different variations of your original [...]