December 2011

5 Tips to Build your Web-Based Business with WordPress

Starting a business online is easier today than ever. You no longer need to be a coding expert in order to WordPress is one of the most intuitive and versatile content management systems (CMS) around. No matter what you want to do with your web-based business, whether it’s growing – with WordPress. 1. Avail yourself of [...]

How to Write Web Copy that Sells and Engages Readers

Many marketers make the same mistake when it comes to the copy on their Websites: They tell the reader all about them, their business, their product or service. Of course, the reader wants information (that’s why they’re there in the first place), but the question readers really want answered, is what’s in it for me? [...]

6 To-Dos Before Marketing your New Mobile App

Today, trying to develop your business without proper marketing is like "Trying to climb a tree to catch a fish". Mobile app marketing is no different in this regard. With so many mobile applications being developed day-after-day, the probability of showing off your newly-developed application becomes lesser and lesser unless it is marketed really well. [...]

5 Tips to Increase Your Blog Readership

Here’s a trivia question. How many blogs are there in the world today? At the time of writing, there are at least 180 million blogs (source: With the world population reaching almost 7 billion, that's approximately 1 blog for every 39 people! That's quite a stiff competition for blog traffic, isn't it? But hang [...]

5 Unknown But Quality WordPress Plugins for Bloggers

If you’re interested in building a Wordpress site and running it professionally, plugins are just about the most important things you’ll need. With them, you’ll still have a pretty nice site if you have a custom theme, but you’ll lack the interface needed to stay with the best of the best. It’s especially true if [...]

LIMITED TIME OFFER - 50 % Discount on all HostGator Hosting Plans My hosting provider HostGator is fighting against SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and offering a 50% Discount Coupon on all hosting plans, the coupon is applicable on every hosting plan for any time period that you choose. This code is valid for Shared, [...]

Before you can expect great results from an AdWords campaign, you really need to make sure that everything is neatly organized. The cleaner and more relevant your ad groups and campaigns are, the better your CTR will be and your Quality Score will also rise, resulting in lower costs. I see some common mistakes in [...]

The holiday season sale is on and it's the best time for bloggers to grab products at a discounted price. We blogged about the 70 % discount on top plugins. Today Darren Rowse ( a.k.a Problogger ) announced a 50 % discount on three of the top blogging books. Problogger's books on blogging have been [...]

MaxBlogPress Christmas Deal - 70 % Discount on all MaxBlogPress products only for the next 56 48 hours My buddy Pawan ( Aka Max Blogger ) is offering a cool 70 % discount on top wordpress plugins. Bloggers can now save upto $291 (Unlimited License) & $131 (Single License) worth of money with the Christmas [...]

What is Cloud Hosting? Advantages and Disadvantages

Lately, some of you, especially if you work in businesses close to technology Clouding've heard of. But what's with the Cloud hosting? For the less initiated a revolution is starting to reach businesses and will soon be moved to households. Clouding or cloud computing as it is also called, is based on having a web space where they [...]