February 2012

Query Ads: The High Converting Long Tail PPC Network

QueryAds is a unique PPC ad network which works on targeting real time keywords based on search engine queries. I guess that's why the name Longtail keywords are very effective in conversion and very profitable compared to generic keywords and hence a combination of such keywords make a very lucrative set for for advertisers to [...]

Today's Good Morning Sunday post takes a sneek peek inside the heads of nine successful bloggers. Let's deep dive in to the minds where all the productivity secrets live. productive blogger, it's been about three and half years since I started blogging but I struggle each morning to plan my schedule and make every minute [...]

12 Tips For Attracting First Time Visitors to Your Site

Almost every blogger and site manager seeks to maximize the traffic that their page can bring in. They look to put out quality content, utilize SEO techniques, and consult a good deal of online marketing necessarily targets the fist-time viewer. While many sites succeed in attracting new visitors, few take concerted steps to insure that [...]

10 Tips on How to Create Viral Videos

The Internet practically made everything possible. With the Internet, the playing field between large multinational corporations and small and medium scale businesses have been leveled – at least when it comes to marketing. Of the many marketing strategies and techniques the Internet has provided, create viral videos for marketing purposes.  Tip 1: Quality doesn’t necessarily [...]

As USA prepares to celebrate “Great Quotes from Great Leaders.” This Simple Truths classic 3 minute movie, features the inspirational words of great leaders such as Benjamin Franklin, Winston Churchill, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Click here to play the video (embedding is disabled for this video ) Some of these great quotes are below: [...]

4 Effective Ways to Gain More Facebook Fans for Your Business Page

As Facebook continues to grow in popularity, so does the importance of gaining Facebook fans. A Facebook brand page is free advertising after all so the more fans you have, the wider your reach. To help you If you have newsletters or other correspondence sent to your customers regularly, make sure you include information about [...]

6 Ways to Get SEO Results Immediately

SEO is evolving. Between Google’s constant updates and users demanding higher quality content, it’s vital that your website is always on its toes. Let’s face it, SEO can be pretty demanding and complicated. But, I’m going to show you six things you can implement right now to what is canonicalization? Canonicalization is when Google and [...]

Mari Smith is a renowned Facebook marketing specialist, she has helped thousands of bloggers and small business owners harness the potential of Facebook. In 2008, FastCompany.com dubbed her “The Pied Piper of the Online World.” Basically, because of her influnce on Extreme Fanbase is one of the top thought leading approaches to social commerce. The [...]

Bryan Dyson, the former CEO of Coca Cola gave this short and very powerful speech on work and life balance. The key lesson to a happy life are very evident in this

Download Thesis Theme 1.8.3 – Fast & Awesome

Good news for Thesis Theme users. Chris and team have just launched the latest version of the Thesis Theme Framework - Thesis Theme 1.8.3, you can Thesis Theme has to offer, I've been extremely satisfied with thesis theme framework and I highly recommend you to download it. If you already are on Thesis then the [...]