Web Analytics

Getting accurate analytics data can be a real challenge for affiliate marketers, since the actual conversion typically happens on the merchant's website, not your website. This means that you usually cannot track Google Analytics techniques affiliate marketers can use to capture valuable data and make decisions to improve their ROI. 1) Track Email Signups Most [...]

I don't care whether you use Google Website Optimizer or Omniture. The principles below are universal and it doesn't matter what software you use for testing. Only 2 conditions need to be met in order for this article to be relevant to you: You need to be willing to test different variations of your original [...]

Above the Fold? There’s No Fold In My Web Browser!

In the online world, it's all about the web browser. It's the window you peer through to read words, watch videos and everything else you're doing at a website. When you arrive at your destination site, you are most likely presented with information displayed the way Western readers are familiar: content is shown based upon [...]

We all know that Google Analytics is the most popular and the most used web analytics application. Since it is free, so most of us take this as granted and are not aware about the actual power of this application. What they don’t know is, if used correctly, one can find the most valuable insights [...]

Ok, ok, you caught me. I'm using a link bait title to get your attention to get you to read my article. What I'm about to tell you isn't a flaw in Google Analytics so much as it's a flaw in how we think about it (although they could certainly do a better job explaining [...]