Merry Christmas, I Thank You All


Merry Christmas

It will be Christmas in the next 13 hours in Toronto, Canada. It looks beautiful outside as I write this blog, kids playing in snow, a band playing on the street, its that time of the year to thank the Lord for all the good things in life.

I just want to take a moment here to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas.

One of the good things in my life is blogging and WebTrafficROI in particular. It’s been up for about six months and when I launched the blog I had no idea what was to come.

6 months, 74 posts and 1104 comments later I can say that the blog and its readers have changed my life.

I thank all the amazing people who have helped me put up the blog, I thank all the people I’ve meet through the blog, and all my amazing readers who read my posts, commented and interacted on this blog.

I want to thank my wife for being very supportive on this initiative. There have been instances where family time was sacrificed to write a new post on the blog.

The blog has opened up some amazing friendships and business partnerships. It has taught me about entrepreneurship, communication and emerging technologies. It has been responsible to put my thoughts and experiences to my readers to help them build a better online business.

Much of this is a result of yourself and I thank you all for making this happen and being a very integral part of this blog and my life.

I wish you Happy Holidays and a great year ahead.

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