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Jim Carrey made a speech to graduate students of Maharishi University of Management. He was his usual funny and charismatic most of the time but what is said after about 10 minutes of speaking was profound. Listen to him very carefully at 10.18 secs, what he says will change your life. Profound... Let me know [...]

You're awesome, when you are yourself. Many times we are compared to others - in school we are compared to other kids, at home we are compared with our neighboring kids or cousins. My friend at ZenPencils has this awesome graphic on what happens when you compare yourself to others. To understand yourself is the [...]

Paulo Coelho is one of the most widely read authors across the globe. His book - The Alchemist was a run away hit and has sold more than 65 million copies worldwide. Below are Paulo Coelho's 10 quotes that will change the way you think. 1. Life has a way for testing one's will, either [...]

Good Morning Sunday: Forgive and Be Happy

How many times have you forgiven someone ? Do you forgive people easily ? Do you lose your upper hand when you forgive ? Should you forgive and forget ? Psychologists have found a co-relation between forgiveness and happiness. Forgiveness leads to less stress, low anxiety and higher level of happiness. My friends at Soul [...]

My friend at Zen Pencils shares great teachings on inspiration. I hope you make the best of it. Have a Super Sunday and a great week ahead :) All Credits:

Good Morning Sunday: Kill Procrastination This Week

There are many qualities that can help you accomplish unimaginable feats but just one to render them completely useless. Kill Procrastination this week. Stay Motivated. Have a Super Sunday and a great week ahead. Image Credits and All Copyrights with DogHouseDiaries.

“I can’t say that there’s things I can’t do. Just things that I haven’t done yet.” Richie Parker Richie Parker was born without arms, but that did not stop him from doing things normal kids could do. Richie in his own way chalked out a normal life for himself. He never listened to people telling [...]

An average human can hold his breath for about 2 minutes. According to neuroscience holding your breath beyond six minutes can cause serious brain damage. David Blaine is an illusionist and a well know magician, know best for his high profile stunts of defying physically and mental endurance. In 2008, how he was inspired to [...]

Bruce Lee, the martial arts legend who dies 40 years ago has been brought back to life by Johnnie Walker. In a recent 90 second Johnnie Walker advertisement, Bruce Lee is seen standing on a high rise hotel balcony overlooking Hongkong. The ad is an extension of the Johnnie Walker series - "Keep Walking". Where [...]

"Inner Peace is the ultimate source of happiness" - Dalai Lama His Holiness source of happiness lies within. This two minute clip is enough to change your thinking about - what is true happiness. Happy a Super Sunday and a Great Week Ahead :)