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7 SEO Tips To Help You Outrank Your Competition

So let’s say you have already set up a blog for your business. What should you do next? Competition is always going to be a part of doing business, especially online. Everyone is trying to take a piece of the market for themselves, so you will need to fight back to out-rank them and keep [...]

Query Ads: The High Converting Long Tail PPC Network

QueryAds is a unique PPC ad network which works on targeting real time keywords based on search engine queries. I guess that's why the name Longtail keywords are very effective in conversion and very profitable compared to generic keywords and hence a combination of such keywords make a very lucrative set for for advertisers to [...]

Get Started with Keyword Research in Three Simple Steps

In the field of search marketing, key word research is one of the most valuable return activities that are used by search engine optimization professionals to get to know what are the actual popular words people enter into the search engines. By conducting keywords research, you not only learn which terms or phrases to target [...]

A Step By Step Guide To Keyword Research: The Right Way

Keyword Research plays a critical role in your search engine optimization campaign. Targeting wrong keywords will results in search engines not ranking you and customer not finding you, resulting in loss of revenue and untargeted traffic to your site. Doing a proper Keyword Research is the foundation stone of your search marketing campaign. Below are [...]

Using the Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI) for Keyword Research

KEI stands for ‘Keyword Effectiveness Index' and is a ratio value designed to give some idea of the importance of a particular keyword. This system of keyword evaluation is becoming increasingly popular and can be a useful tool when it comes to selecting any keywords you intend to use.

On the web "Traffic is everything", well that's not true targeted traffic is everything. Let's take an example here, if you are selling high end shoes online what will you do with traffic that comes from an auto site or a health forum, not much.... the traffic is not targeted. But what happens when traffic [...]