Social Media Marketing

How to Plan Ahead While Creating Viral Videos

Filming a video is easy: have an idea, get a camera and have people act it out. What’s hard is creating a viral video, one which rapidly spreads across the Internet, or which is loved by your target audience. To Your core followers are likely going to be there for you after the video makes [...]

The 4 Best Social Media Apps for your Business

Some of the most often used apps online these days are social media related. People the world over, and in all walks of life, are using Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram every single day. They’re using these tools to share their ideas, entertain their friends, and give personal updates to those in their [...]

Pinterest is ripe with opportunity for building traffic (and even sales) for online businesses, especially eCommerce stores. According to a 2012 study by Shareaholic, Pinterest beat out Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube combined in terms of referral traffic. And Pinterest users are 10% more likely to buy from your store than from any other social site. [...]

10 Compelling Reasons Why Marketers Should Not Ignore Google+

The social network launched by Google though not yet a tough competitor to Facebook and Twitter, but still has enough features and potential to retain a huge number. With social media marketing gaining momentum all over the world, Google+ can prove to be a useful tool to make the most out of your campaign. Focusing [...]

5 Easy Ways to Lead Traffic to Your Infographic

People grasp information in various ways. Some people acquire the information either through reading or hearing. However, with the Internet fast blooming as a productive means to provide information to the millions of people, it has certainly become quite a daunting task to visually appealing picture speaks large volumes about your business or product. If [...]

According to a new report released by Experian Marketing Services, Pinterest is now the third most-visited social networking site in the U.S., falling just behind Facebook and Twitter. This standing is pretty impressive considering that the sites traffic just started to grow exponentially in October 2011. In fact, between January and February of this year, [...]

10 Tips on How to Create Viral Videos

The Internet practically made everything possible. With the Internet, the playing field between large multinational corporations and small and medium scale businesses have been leveled – at least when it comes to marketing. Of the many marketing strategies and techniques the Internet has provided, create viral videos for marketing purposes.  Tip 1: Quality doesn’t necessarily [...]

How to prepare your Business for Facebook Timeline

As Facebook that company pages will switch to timeline, it is surely inevitable. The redesign is not something to be taken lightly due to the drastic change in format and aesthetics which will change the way in which your company markets itself through the Facebook timeline is here to stay so here’s how to adjust [...]

Sometimes by an oversight while using a shared computer we forget to close our session on Facebook, we can be victims of identity theft. Sometimes an oversight or an excessive reliance on the browser storing passwords can cause this issue and we can not access our account on Facebook. Thinking of improving the security of [...]

10 Twitter Apps for Bloggers and Internet Marketers

With Twitter being as insanely popular as it is, there should be no question as to why bloggers and internet marketers find it so useful for their social media-related tasks. That being said, there are many different Twitter apps that can be used to increase both traffic and feedback on your blog, personal website, company [...]