November 2010

Write a Sales Letter in an Hour or Less

My buddy James Foster made a very simple video for readers of this blog. He gives a quick run down on how you can write an effective sales letter in less than an hour. He takes you through four big buckets that you need to know while writing sales letters. As an internet marketing video [...]

Cyber Monday Deal: 50% Off Income Blogging Guide

Cyber Monday Deal - 50 % Discount on Income Blogging Guide Membership Course only for the next 24 hours 20 hours Thanksgiving Day is over, but the best part about it is still on: the discounts and deals :), while Thanksgiving gets all the hype the real deals on discounts are on Cyber Monday. To [...]

HostGator Cyber Monday 50% Discount Coupon

Cyber Monday Sale - 50 % Discount on all HostGator Hosting Plans If you missed the awesome 80 % Black Friday discount offer on HostGator, then you can grab it on Cyber Monday - Monday 29th November 2010 at 50 % Discount. HostGator has been doing a major promotions since HostGator allowed the promotion on [...]

Pawan ( Aka Max Blogger ) is giving away FIVE of his TOP plugins and products ( worth $475 ) for 70 % off , but its only for the next 12 10 hours. Discount Black Friday Sale - 70 % Discount on all MaxBlogPress products only for the next 12 10 hours Pawan is [...]

CRAZY Black Friday Sale - 80 % Discount on all HostGator Hosting Plans Buy HostGator shared hosting for three years at 80 % discount for $0.99 a month, this comes up to $35.64 for THREE FULL YEARS. Now, once you set up your new hosting plan with HostGator move your blog to it, and deactivate [...]

Limited Spots Available: Get $3500 in Bonus Offers with the Video Conversion Formula My fellow Canadian friend Maria Andros just opened doors to here. The videos have received over 1000 comments in less than a few days. Video Conversion Formula is a private video coaching and mentoring program that consists of FIVE main modules or [...]

The biggest and the greatest advantage of the internet is that you can access it from anywhere across the globe. If you have a blog you can access and upload new posts from any place on the globe your business is open 24/7. That's the biggest advantage and the biggest challenge. Why is it a [...]

5 Time Management Tips to Help Your Blog Succeed

Every blog starts with two essential things: passion, and ideas. That is, passion for a particular subject, and ideas of how to present it to viewers online. But after a few months, every blogger begins to feel flustered with all the tasks he or she must do in order to build up readership and maintain [...]

Mark Zuckerberg on The State of Facebook

Facebook Founder & CEO Mark Zuckerberg gave an in-depth interview with Tim O’Reilly and Federated Media’s John Battelle this week at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco. He talks about a number of interesting things happening at Facebook, new product launches including the latest Facebook email product, privacy issues and much more. He also [...]

5 Steps To Being A Video Expert ( FREE Video Download )

Maria Andros released her second FREE video today, this one has some serious depth in content and worth in Gold. The FREE videos are from her latest - Video Conversion Formula series of videos. If you missed the first one you can watch it here. Her second FREE video is titled Instant Video Expert - [...]