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Video Conversion formula is now Live – Limited Spots available

by amol238

Limited Spots Available: Get $3500 in Bonus Offers with the Video Conversion Formula

My fellow Canadian friend Maria Andros just opened doors to Video Conversion Formula: an in-depth and solid video training and mentoring program. Maria released four FREE videos last week and they created quite a buzz online, if you have missed them you can check them here. The videos have received over 1000 comments in less than a few days.

Video Conversion Formula

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Who is Mario Andros ?

Maria Andros also known as the “Video Marketing Queen” earned her crown with YouTube ( Over 500,000 views ), Twitter (55,000 + followers ) and by coaching clients to follow her footsteps using video marketing to dominate their industries while substantially increase sales. Within her first two months online exclusively she generated $500,000 in sales online with a simple video

Limited Spots Available: Get $3500 in Bonus Offers with the Video Conversion Formula

What is the Video Conversion Formula ?

Video Conversion Formula is a private video coaching and mentoring program that consists of FIVE main modules or as Maria Calls it FIVE Channels. That’s because just like a channel on TV, everything in that certain channel revolves around a central topic but digs deep into all the different aspects of it.

Module 1 : Customer Channel

– Video Conversion Formula (VCF ) begins with the first channel that focuses on the customer. The customer is the one person that decides your success or failure. In this channel you’ll learn Maria secrets for targeting your content to your prospects.
Some of the topics covered in this channel are :

– Evaluating your niche
– Video Marketing Psychology 101
– Creating your customer Archetype
– Video Squeeze page scripts
– Uncovering your Customer’s Trigger Points
– Attracting your video tribe

Module 2 : Video Production Channel

This channel focuses on refining the quality of videos through production and editing. It’s about what you can do before you film AND after you film your videos

Some of the topics covered in the module are:
– Video Cameras & Equipment 101
– Setting up your video studio
– Video indoor lighting solutions
– Simple script writing system
– Easy video editing & Effects

Module 3 : Content Channel

This channel will give you the right tools for you to create highly converting videos and killer content that will multiply your profits.

Some of the topics covered in this module are:
– MindMapping your video
– Creating your freeline content
– Powerpoint video magic
– Video copywriting 101

Module 4 : Character Channel
This is an awesome module that will teach you to portray a character role in your videos based on the audience profile. in this video Maria shows you how to accentuate your character to reflect your audience’s values and preferences and deeply resonate with them.

Some of the topics in the module are:
– Create your video brand
– Launch your “Intro Video”
– Creating your super hero story
– Building rapid rapport & Trust

Module 5 : Traffic & List Building Channel

These are not to be skipped steps, this module teaches you to connect with your audience in the videos before you start to build an email list.

Some of the topics in this channel include :
– Video keyword research
– Video SEO Formula
– Optimize your You Tube videos
and much more

Each of the above FIVE Modules will be scheduled to be released one week at a time and is broken down into individual videos for your convenience, these are like chapters so that you can go back at anytime for quick reference.

Limited Spots Available: Get $3500 in Bonus Offers with the Video Conversion Formula

Exclusive BONUS :
Alongwith the above FIVE videos Maria is giving away THREE BONUS VIDEOS

Bonus Module 6: Product Creation Channel
This module teaches you how to create your own video based product that your audience is extremely interested in. Some of the topics included in this module are
– Design your video course
– Film your content formula
– Create your video sales page
– Create your membership site

Bonus Module 7 : Behind the launch
In this module you get a total behind the scenes view on how Mario launched this exact same video course, the different types of strategies and channels she used. You can copy cat her exact blue print to launch our own site.

Some of the topics in this module include:
– Choose the VCF launch concept – Look & Feel
– Behind the scenes of the VCF shoots
– Recruiting affiliate and JV partners

Bonus Module 8 : Video Marketing Mindset

Mindset is creating an ideal vision not only for your business but also for your life, this module will teach you how to eliminate negatives and limiting beliefs. And look at how to develop an entrepreneur mindset.

Video Conversion Formula Experts

Vault of Experts Bonus Module:
Maria has managed to convince THE TOP A LIST of internet Marketers for some very exclusive interviews, she shares this interview as a bonus module. The top names include: Mike Filsaime, Rich Schefren, Andy Jenkins, Brian Johnson, Christel Hughes, Jeremy Schoemaker, Gideon Shalwick and Yaro Starak.

Limited Spots Available: Get $3500 in Bonus Offers with the Video Conversion Formula

You also have Permanent access to the video Dojo Community, this is a community of Maria’s past and successful students who have now launched their own membership sites. I suggest you make the best use of this community to create and market your site.

Bonus Value $ 1000 : Personal Video Review from Maria

– Maria has included this bonus for all students , she will personal do a video review of your site, this will transform the way you run and market your online business once you discover and learn the formula and put it to work.

Bonus Value $2500 : FREE access to Social Media Traffic Blueprint

When you choose the single pay option, you will get access to her previous course – Social Media Blueprint, this course fits well with the video course and gives you a upper hand to create video content and market it on social networks.

This course was so popular when it was launched that it was sold out TWICE when she previously offered it.

30 Day – 100 % Money Back Guarantee :

Video Conversion Formula has a full 30 day refund, you can try it now for a full 30 days and opt out if you think its not for you. Maria will refund 100 % of your money. You can test drive it to the fullest, without worrying about your money. It’s a no brainer.

Limited Spots Available: Get $3500 in Bonus Offers with the Video Conversion Formula

Payment Options:
The course has two payment options:

Option 1:
A one time full payment of $1997

Option 2 :
6 easy payments of $388

Profit from the deal
You can join with any option, I suggest you pay a one time option and get all the bonus content worth $3500 so that you can profit from the deal.

$3500 ( Bonus Offer ) – $1997 ( one time payment )
= $503 (Profit from the deal )

You profit $1503 with the single time payment option, it’s a no brainer

Maria’s courses have a history of selling out fast so act now

Check out Video Conversion Formula

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Andrew @ Blogging Guide November 24, 2010 - 5:34 pm

I think this is worth a try and worth sharing too.

ZK@Web Marketing November 25, 2010 - 7:31 am

Thanks Andrew 🙂

Printable Coupons November 24, 2010 - 11:32 pm

I wanna hear what other people can say about this first. Wanna make sure its worth it.

ZK@Web Marketing November 25, 2010 - 7:30 am

The testimonials of Maria’s students who have started their own sites after going through her earlier coaching and mentoring program are on the Video Conversion Formula landing page…

ZK@Web Marketing November 25, 2010 - 7:22 am

Any research that says it does not work ? Which service sector are you referring here ?

Property Marbella December 2, 2010 - 6:10 am

Hi ZK,
The first time I see a really good offer on the Internet, even if the price is high, I think it’s worth it. Very professional, well explained, easy to follow, – really affordable.


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