January 2012

The typical bricks and mortar businesses Think Apple and you know you have the best of technology. Think Mercedes and you imagine burning the tracks in a sports car! These brands and many more are trustworthy, in the sense that they have paid attention to the minutest detail and have hardly slipped on their promises. [...]

"My name is Susan Boyle", were her first words when she introduced herself to the judges and audience at Britain's got talent audition in 2009. "And how old are you Susan ?" - asks Simon (one of the judges) "I am 47 ", she said The reaction from the judges and the audience after she [...]

4 Ways to Make Your E-Mail Marketing Mobile Friendly

E-mail marketing, with 92% of the U.S. internet users sending and reading e-mail, according to E-mail marketing no longer reaches your audience the way it used to. People used to sit at their Gateway desktops every night, dial into their Netscape and check e-mails while watching Family Matters. The story is now a bit different. [...]

8 Effective Tips to Get More Traffic to your Blog

"If You Build It, They Will Come" is the famous quote from the show having developed a blog does not automatically guarantee us any readers, no matter how attractive your blog is or how informative your contents are. You would need to put in internet traffic sources. The major internet traffic sources include search engines, [...]

One Surefire Way To Improve Your Writing

Sometimes the most obvious advice is right in front of us. In fact, people might be screaming it at the tops of their lungs. But for some reason, we are deaf to these pleas. That is, until it's laid out for us in the clearest, simplest possible terms. For that we'll turn to ton of [...]

5 Essential Upgrades your Blog needs for 2012

Your New Year's resolution as a blogger surely sounded something like "I'll take more care of my precious and make it grow like never before". fresh plugins for WordPress? This means 14 out of the box features you've never experienced before. Technology is constantly evolving. New trends in graphic design and content writing are round [...]

He dropped out of college. He had been a cook, a salesman, a diplomatist and a farmer. He knew nothing about marketing, had never written any copy. He was unemployed at 38 when he approached advertising agencies to hire him. No American agency hired him, however a London agency did hired him. Three year later [...]

5 Ways to Know You’re Getting Back What You Put Into Web Marketing

When it comes to marketing, more is better. That principle applies to search engine, you should see your site at or near the top of the results. The world moves fast and people are busier and in more of a hurry than ever. If they see you first, chances are your site will be the [...]

How to Effectively Market your Mobile App

You created a fabulous new mobile app, but how do you get people to go crazy for your app among the nearly 1,500,000 other apps that are on the market? Continue reading for some tips. How To Effectively Market Your Mobile App Originality – This might be harder than it sounds, you need to stand [...]

Six Tips to Get your Website off the Ground

Let’s face it. Your main objective as an entrepreneur is to create accelerating sales growth. To generate online sales growth, you need your website traffic to grow. While social media is playing an ever-increasing role in the way people do business online, there is still no better way to grow traffic than generating inbound links [...]