May 2012

If you've been active on Twitter, you would have seen tweets relating to the new email creator from GetResponse. My Tweeter stream was filled with tweets regarding this new application that GetResponse users have been raving about. What is different about the GetResponse Email Creator ? create your own newsletter from absolutely nothing to something [...]

The Future of Outbound Links

The web is constantly re-inventing itself and now maybe it's time that the humble hyperlink came under scrutiny. How will the links on your site change in the next few years, and what does this mean for Google and the wider web? inbound links are certainly important, it's important not to forget the other kinds [...]

Winner of the Conversation Starter Award has been awarded the “Conversation Starter Award” by DTA, Digital Talent Agency. Conversations don’t happen without loyal readers and I want to thank you all for making it happen and being a part of the community. DTA announced their first Most Valuable Publication Awards in the online industry, the nominations were complied by eminent [...]

Blog Content – How to ignite the interest of your readers?

Success of a writer lies in the secret of holding and retaining readers by grabbing their attention with the help of your content. You may be an exceptional writer but you will never be able to leave an everlasting impression before losing him/her forever. Let’s discover a few easy and impressive ways to catch and [...]

Neil Pasricha a fellow Toronto blogger started a hobby blog in 2008. He blogged about everyday simple joys focusing on the positive side of life. He was inspired to start a blog after going through a rough patch in his life. A marriage headed in the wrong direction and a good friend battling mental illness, [...]

Does An Ethical Approach to SEO Really Work?

Companies that are looking to build a long-term reputation and a sustainable business both online and in the bricks-and-mortar world will usually consider only ethical (or "white-hat") SEO methods to promote their company online. Of course, there are always those in it for a quick buck who will employ unethical methods to achieve top rankings [...]

Marimedia: The Performance based Advertising Network

With the explosive growth in online usage and more than 2.26 billion people connected online or 32 % of the world population (Source: targeting their communities. While the net is a very measurable medium it becomes a great source to measure every activity and evaluate it based on performance. Performance based initiatives are being pitched [...]

Putting together an effective email marketing campaign can be very difficult, as is any interruption marketing. In essence you are filling your subscribers’ inboxes with junk mail so it’s important that you improve on your click-through rates. With such a lot to gain from an effective email marketing campaign, it is well worth investing initially [...]

Google’s Penguin Update Goes Mainstream

I love The Penguin, the super villain and one of Batman's greatest enemy, known for his trademark high tech umbrella tricks and under ground black hat dealings. Well it seems that Google has now taken a similar role on being The Penguin, with the recent Google Panda series of changes that happened all of last [...]

Good Morning Sunday – Success Comes After Hard Work

Only in the dictionary does SUCCESS come before WORK. Nothing comes easy in life, there is hard work and struggle in every success that you see. No man has built a millionaire dollar empire overnight, no success has been achieved without failure, success comes only when you have a Marsmet544