June 2017

5 mistakes to avoid on the contact page

The Contact Page is one of the most critical pages of your blog or website - Well, no one can get in touch with you if the contact page does not exist or has errors. This can results in no business leads or less business leads and revenues for your blog. Below are 5 of [...]

8 Must-have Skills for an SEO Expert to Be Successful

You might have a great looking website, but what is the use, if it does not attract the right audience. Getting traffic is easy but getting the right audience to read your content is difficult and can impact your online business. You need to get more "bookers" than "lookers" on your site. Which mean you [...]

Instagram, the social networking app that was created for sharing the videos & photos from a smartphone, is the trendy thing among all cool kids. Like Facebook & Twitter, Instagram also offers a profile & news feed. A study conducted in 2016 stated that the average number of photos shared each day on this Instagram [...]