Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to make money online, I've mentioned it a few times here and I keep saying it again. If you've been an affiliate marketer you know what I mean. You don't need your own product all you need is an audience that is in need of a product. [...]

When writing a blog, one must regularly come up with interesting topics that will keep the readers focused and wanting more. However, constantly keeping up with the demands for new ideas is a challenge to every blog owners. When you’ve been writing for so long, you tend to write about the same things repeatedly without [...]

For all the online money marketers and webmasters, pay per lead affiliate programs is an excellent way of making money. The reason for the sudden popularity of the pay per lead affiliate programs is that there is no direct sale involved and yet you can generate huge yields with which you can easily pay off [...]

5 Tips To Make Seriously Good Affiliate Marketers

Are you into affiliate marketing? Do you want to be a seriously good affiliate marketer? This is a field where doing the right thing matters a great deal. Incorporating the right, successful affiliate marketing strategies into your business can greatly improve your chances of becoming a successful and well-known specific niche market, and then focus [...]

Get $75 in FREE Advertising with Google Adwords

I received a few emails from readers based on David Murton's guest post on Google Adwords FREE coupon , to create an account. Step 2: Request for a FREE Trial Step 3: Google will review your details and send you a coupon code via email within a few hours. There's is no minimum budget required [...]

New Blogger Tips: Five Ideas to Enhance Your Content

As bloggers, we know that it's important to have a variety of content to attract all kinds of readers within our blogging niches. We should strive to keep readers interested in what we have to say, while also encouraging them to interact with and respond to our own posts. By using our blogs to create [...]

Four Tips for Encouraging Smart Comments on Your Blog

This post on six ways to lose your readership got me thinking about ways that bloggers can encourage readers to visit their blogs, especially in how they moderate their comments sections, which is something I didn't see discussed in that post. So, here are a few tips for fostering and maintaining healthy discussion in the [...]

Make Money with Adpard Affiliate Network

While there are a lot of ways to make money online, one of the most simpler way is Affiliate Marketing. Selling products of other affiliates and making a commission on them. Why do I say this is simple, because you don't have to have your own product to make money, you don't have to invest [...]

Simple SEO Strategies Everyone Can Use

You don’t have to be a big business or a major cyber force to be concerned with SEO. The truth is Search Engine Optimization matters for any website that wants to be found. Search engines are the primary way most internet users locate content. That means if the search engines aren’t finding your site they [...]

Grab the WordPress Ninja Affiliate Plugin at $37

Pawan ( aka MaxBlogPress ) has gone nuts, he's offering his best selling plugin - MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate Plugin for $37, which is $60 less than what I paid. I paid $97 for the same plugin and even at a price of $97 it's one of the best investments I've made in the blog. I [...]