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CPA Tank – An honest Affiliate Network with tons of Affiliate Offers

by amol238

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to make money online, I’ve mentioned it a few times here and I keep saying it again. If you’ve been an affiliate marketer you know what I mean. You don’t need your own product all you need is an audience that is in need of a product.

Once you identify the need of the audience, you pick up a product that you think will satisfy the need and promote it. An Affiliate network will help you identify the product and reward you for promoting it. While there are lots of affiliate networks you need to identify the ones that are honest and have a mutual interest in your success.

One such honest affiliate network is CPA Tank. I recently got approved to this network and I am happy with the way they have handled my account and offered me help in promoting the best of their products. They work hard to manage their affiliates and help them succeed.

Affiliate Network - CPA Tank

What is CPA Tank ?
– CPA Tank is an affiliate network that is run by a team of people who have worked as affiliates, advertisers and network owners. The team understand the affiliate business and knows the exact issues that affect affiliates. Having worked as affiliates gives the CPA Tank team the edge v/s other affiliate networks. As the name suggests their offers are based on CPA – cost per acquisition or pay per lead

Who can join CPA Tank ?

– CPA Tank is a private affiliate network every one is invited to apply but not everyone is taken as affiliates within the network. It’s a community of like minded affiliates, a tightly knit unit well controlled by the team. I am happy to be a part of this network, I received an email stating that my registration has been approved.

The approval process is based on certain guidelines the best way to get approved to this network is through another affiliate. The approval process takes anywhere between 24 – 48 hours.

What kind of offers can you promote with CPA Tank ?
– CPA Tank is very strong on offers, they have more than 700 offers that you can promote as an affiliate. The network is very strong on email submit offers, other offers that you can promote are dating, mobile ring tones, biz opportunities, surveys, downloads, credit reports and much more.

affiliate offers

Not all offers are available to promote, if you want to promote an offer you’ll need to “apply” for a particular offer. Once you are accepted to promote the offer you’ll get access to link and creatives.

The commissions range is one of the highest in the affiliate industry with commissions of some offers going as high as 95 %.

Affiliate Payments:
– Payments is one of the most important criteria for any affiliate, you need to work with an affiliate network that is credible and trustworthy when it comes to paying affiliate. CPA Tank does this very effectively, it goes beyond its call of duty when it comes to payments. CPA Tank will not PLAY with your money, it has never defaulted any affiliate payment since it was founded. The network is cash rich and debt free and pays its affiliate faster than most networks.

Check out CPA Tank

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Kelli October 26, 2011 - 1:19 am

Great post. I’m definitely gonna try this affiliate program.

Alex Moran October 27, 2011 - 8:08 pm

Sounds pretty good, but what would be the difference between offervault and cpa thank?

search engine optimisation October 30, 2011 - 1:38 am

Is this true? I tried some affiliate offers twice last 2009 and it doesn’t helps me. As a matter of fact, they just stole money from my investments.

@The Affiliate Tank: Can you please give some reference or some testimonies from your previous or present member or clients as well?

Mark October 31, 2011 - 3:34 pm

Thanks for your post…I hadn’t heard of Cpa Tank before but will definitely check them out. Any advice on what the content of your website should be in order to get approved by the network?

Btw, could I just share some information with other Cpa Marketing newbies out there – there’s a site I came across that’s giving away a DVD course on Cpa Marketing for beginners; only shipping to pay. I thought it was really good because I didn’t know anything about cost per action beforehand and those videos really helped me out. Here’s the website if anyone’s interested http://marketingcpablueprint.com


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