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Make Money with LeadsGate Affiliate Program

by amol238


The sphere of affiliate marketing is extending day by day and right now it’s extremely competitive, which is especially true in case of the payday loan niche.

Given the fact, there’s so much cash at stake, you might come across various companies offering attractive referral programs and one among them is the LeadsGate affiliate network.

It offers a lucrative platform to sell your leads like no other network, where the buyers get to keep their quality leads; on the other hand the prospective customers get cash swiftly while you get a good commission!

Once you become a LeadsGate member, they will share their extensive knowledge with you to make you completely aware of their program. If you have a website then you can simply use the JS forms to get new leads or even if you don’t have a website, you can just use affiliate links to guide the visitor traffic to their sites.

On the other hand, they will also know about your priorities to offer a smart pay-out system designed around your requirements.

So now you might ask what’s different with LeadsGate affiliate program when compared to other similar networks. Well, here are few significant differences to make note of:

1. Unique Auction based lead sales:
– Unlike other affiliate networks where they have few lenders due to which the leads are sold at a cheap rate, LeadsGate offers an auction based lead sales. This way, as an affiliate you can expect maximum price for your valuable leads. You are provided with 24/7 professional support to guide you all along the way right from the moment you do the free sign up.

2. Repeat Business – Repeat Payments:
– This is a feature you would hardly come across in any other payday loan affiliate program. LeadsGate offers the rebill feature where you get lifelong commission for repeated applications and business generated from your clients.

This is definitely not the case with other programs where you are paid only once and if the client reapplies for a new loan, then you are denied of any commission from it. In addition, you can also get payouts for rejected or declined leads as well – literally a golden feature. You also have various payment options to choose from, you can either get it through PayPal or a simple wire transfer.

3. Adaptable and Responsive referral program:
– LeadsGate offers a flexible and fantastic referral program where you can make extra cash through referral bonuses. So when you help spot new qualified candidates for LeadsGate, its a win-win situation.

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Rahul March 6, 2015 - 8:04 pm

I’ve tried some of the earlier programmes during the earlier stages of my blogging career. Some of them where frauds and many din’y mind of answering our problems. I think i have to try using leadsgate. Thanks mate for this information.


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