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Win $6000 on John Chow

John Chow is holding a contest to give away $6,000. The contest is sponsored by, is a tiny url service that will shorten any url that you feel is too long. $5000 will go to the charity of your choice and $1000 will go to you to spend however you want. If I [...]

Tips to make a Blog Contest successful

Contesting is an amazing viral tool that gets more exposure for your blog provided you use the contest strategically to leverage growth for your blog. The objective of any contest should be to create a viral effect and increase usership for your blog. Tips to make a blog contest successful : 1 ) Don't rush: - [...]

Awesome Thanksgiving Contest Results – Did you Win ?

I want to thank all my reader who participate in the Awesome Thankgiving Contest and Congratulate all the winners of this contest. The draws were a random pick and the list of winner is mentioned below : First prize : Directory XD from Directory XD Second prize : JR from Get Internet Marketing Strategies Third [...]

Awesome Thanksgiving Contest ends today

Just in case you ve missed the Thanksgiving Contest, you can send in your entries by end of today - 10 th November 2008, Eastern Standard Time. So far the blog has received more than 80 entries for the contest, more than 1200 views and more than 130 comments for the contest post. The term [...]

I want to thank all my readers for the amazing response to my first Thanksgiving Contest. The blog received close to 75 entries for the contest, more than 100 comments and more than 1100 views for the contest post. My experiment to get natural search traffic for the Thanksgiving Contest post has worked successfully. The [...]

Awesome Thanksgiving Contest Giveaways

Welcome to the First Contest on WebTrafficROI and what better occasion to Thank my blog readers and Contest sponsors. As Canada celebrates Thanksgiving I want to take this opportunity to Thank all readers of my blog. I am holding a Thanksgiving Giveaway Contest all of this month. The Thanksgiving Contest Giveaways starts from today 10 th October 2008 till 10 th [...]

Shoemoney’s T Shirt arrives

I am a huge T shirt fan, espicially the ones that turn heads. I was excited when I won a Shoemoney T shirt for commenting on his blog. I love way Shoe has branded his blog and the superman kind of symbol his uses as his logo. The T shirt arrived by courrier this morning in a [...]

Get Free Traffic from

I won the Market Leverage Cashinator Cash Contest on You may want to register on Market Leverage for more contests from them. This is the 2 nd Contest win for me in this month, the first was on and now on Prize money on USD $ 27 , I know that's [...]

Win Easy Cash from John

Contests are becoming one of the most effective marketing tools for bloggers. It adds loads of excitement and the prize kit is big on most blogs. John Chow launched a Cash Win Contest alongwith Market Leverage on his blog. All you need to do is comment on his contest post and you have a chance [...]

Killer Contest at

My Blogger mate Ganesh is holding a Killer Contest at his blog - I am a regular visitor to Blog Smartly and hold Ganesh in high esteem. The contest has already received great response in the blogging world with great support from the top bloggers. There are amazing prizes to be won, one of [...]