Pay Per Click Marketing

Increase Landing Page Conversions – Here’s What Works

You stare blankly at the landing page of your website. It is hard to believe that even after spending thousands of dollars on such a great landing page for your PPC campaign it never got the desired leads. You've probably got everything right on the page for readers to convert, except a few minor elements [...]

SEO vs PPC: Do they help or hinder each other?

Ahh, the good old fight between SEO and PPC.  As an SEO, it can be frustrating to see PPC diverting valuable clicks from keywords you are at number one for.  It can seem daft; why pay for a click when you could have got it for free if you had forced that visitor to click [...]

How to Write a Compelling Landing Page

A landing page ( also called a writing schools available that can make it easier. Many landing pages are linked through landing page available for indexing. Use “robots meta tag” or “robots.txt directive” for others. This is to ensure that search engines don't think you're trying to spam them with Thesis Theme framework is one [...]

Online Marketing Videos and Tips by PPC Ian

My buddy Ian Lopuch has been playing a very significant role in empowering and educating professionals and students about the impact of PPC ( pay per click ) advertising can have on a product or service. According to the PPC marketing called The blog has tips and strategies on how you can leverage the [...]

5 Reasons PPC is Undisputed Champ of Internet Marketing

Internet marketing consists of several key elements. They can be summarized as follows: Online PR and Social Media Usability and Website architecture Email Marketing Organic or Natural Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Paid Search (PPC) Online Branding and Internet Consumer Behavior Web Analytics Display Advertising Affiliate Marketing In the past when considering the scope of these [...]

If you are a blogger or an affiliate marketer wanting to specialize in PPC ( Pay Per Click ) marketing, then PPC Ian should be one of the blogs on your daily reading list. According to the Search Engine Landscape 2010, PPC spends in US in 2009 was $18 billion and accounted for 12 % [...]

DirectCPV: A great alternative to Pay Per Click model

If you've been surfing blogs in the internet marketing space you may have come across heavy advertising and promotion on top blogs about a service called Cost Per View, it's also referred as PPV or Pay Per View. In this blog post we will be using the term CPV to make it simpler to understand. [...]

Google is beta testing a new keyword feature for adwords called "Broad Match Modifier", its an adwords targeting feature that lets you create keywords that have greater reach than phrase match and more control than broad match. If you are frequent user of exact and phrase match keywords , adding the broad match feature in [...]

4 Tips For Writing Effective Adwords Ads

While we are still working on design and development changes for the blog, here is a guest post by Andreas Horch. The search for information fuels the drive as to why people go online. Marketers must take note that the quantity of the people present in a virtual world like the internet is equivalent to [...]

Digging into long tail keywords is a very lucrative market potential, almost 1/3 rd keywords searches done on Google are long tail. As an advertisers you should aim to get ranked for long tail keywords, the advantages are being profitable and being targeted. A recent quote from a Google blog post says : Did you [...]