Download WordPress Version 2.9

Wordpress.org has launched the latest wordpress version 2.9, if you are running your blog on any other version I recommend you to upgrade to Wordpress 2.9, keeping your wordpress updated to the latest version is one of the best security measures of preventing your blog from being hacked. Some of the new features include : [...]

WordPress under attack, Upgrade to WordPress 2.8.4

The Wordpress Team has confirmed that right now there is a worm making its way around old, unpatched versions of WordPress. This particular worm, registers a user and users a security bug to allow a code to be executed through the permalink structure and automatically makes itself the admin of the blog. The worm then [...]

Thesis Theme powers this blog

If GOD Blogged, he would use the Thesis Theme A few weeks ago I had asked my blog readers about their views on the Thesis Theme and would they like to see this blog run on Thesis, the reactions were mixed. I had a 60 - 40 split with a majority of the reader favoring [...]

Thesis Theme Promo Contest ends in the next 48 hours

For those who missed my post on the Thesis Theme Contest , I am giving away Two Thesis Themes to the Winner of the Thesis Theme Contest, the contest ends 17 th August 2009 at 12 pm (EST) All you need to do is subscribe to my ebook "10 Point Website Optimisation Tips" and leave [...]

I am giving away Two Thesis Themes All you need to do is subscribe to my ebook "10 Point Website Optimisation Tips" and leave a comment on this post. The "10 Point Website Optimisation Tips" will give you insights and recommendation on how you can increasing your site conversions by making simple tweaks and changes [...]

Have you upgraded to WordPress 2.8.3 version

About Two weeks ago, WordPress released a security update version 2.8.2 . Yesterday, I noticed another available upgrade wordpress version 2.8.3 in my Wordpress admin panel. The frequent upgrades are good for the blog as it prevents it from hackers and other security threats. The wordpress team seem to be working to patch up security [...]

Have you downloaded WordPress 2.8.2 ?

Wordpress has just released a security update, if you are running Wordpress 2.8 or 2.8.1 you should immediately upgrade to Wordpress 2.8.2. The Wordpress team has been working on regular upgrades and security features to help secure your blog from hackers. According to Matt, " WordPress 2.8.2 fixes an XSS vulnerability. Comment author URLs were [...]

Affiliate Theme Coupon Code – Save 15 %

15% promo code! – ONLY FIVE THREE DISCOUNTS LEFT! My Blogger friend Nathan from the Wordpress Affiliate Theme has been kind to give FIVE coupon codes for the Affiliate Theme to readers of this web marketing blog. The coupon codes will save you 15 % on your order. The Affiliate Theme has been developed by [...]

Ultimate Blogging Theme Coupon Code – Save $20

A couple of months back Carl "Kidblogger" Ocab, the 15 year old blogger and the founder of the Ultimate Blogging Theme for Wordpress provided TWELVE coupon codes for the readers of this blog. This morning when I was talking to him, he reminded me that there were only FOUR coupon codes left. The coupon code [...]

Best URL Permalink Structure for your WordPress Blog

One of the best features of using wordpress is that its very SEO friendly, if you have a SEO friendly theme for your blog its a winner with the search engines. Google loves Wordpess for its ability to create a custom keyword rich URL structure. Choosing the right permalink structure is a very important step [...]