8 Tips for Effective Site Submission to Directories

Not too long ago directories were supposed to be the fastest way to increase your backlinks. All you had to do was submit your site to a few of them and watch your site move up the ranking and gain high PR. That's not the case now with Google having changed their algo to devalue [...]

The Blogworld this Week

Google had its PR update and most of my blogger friends were happy to get a PR increase for their blogs. BlogSmartly.com got a PR of 1 from zero, Ganesh of Blog Smartly has done a Blog Smartly Fair Value Analysis of 19 great blogs. Its an interesting analysis based on fair value. Creadiv.com moved [...]

I Got Scammed on a Webmaster Forum

How I got scammed on a webmaster forum and how you can avoid getting scammed : Webmaster forums have be a good source of sharing knowledge and information about web development and web marketing initiatives. Forums have also played a pivotal role in acting as a marketplace to connect buyers and sellers. Here you ll find sellers [...]

Are You Making Money with Your Blog ?

I am willing to bet that many of you are not making any money with your blog, and those that are can do a lot better. Word Press Affiliate Elite Plugin is a simple and effective plugin that will help you monetize your blog very effectively. How does Word Press Affiliate Elite Plugin work and help [...]

Your Idea Could Change The World

Google turns 10 today and on its 10 th Birthday, Googleplex has launched its latest project - 10 to the 100th (10^100) Google is looking for ideas on improving others lives. Google says "The one who helps the most, will be the winner " - Simple and brilliant , just like the Google brand personality. Google [...]

4 Proven Email Subject Lines

Building an online business with a email list can be a very powerful source of passive income. The larger your list the more better your revenues. While email marketing always gets a bad press , studies have shown that its the most effective online marketing tool, most of my revenue come from building and maintaining [...]

7 Effective PPC Ad Copy Tips to Boost Conversions

Writing effective PPC campaigns can be very impactful for higher click thro rates , which could result in higher conversions. 90 % of the ads on PPC dont have the copy effectiveness to get higher click thro rates thus affecting conversions. Below are several pointers that will help you make your PPC ads more effective [...]

Inspirational Lessons from Terry Fox

Terry Fox is an inspirational hero in Canada. His story I believe is worth sharing with the wider world. Terry Fox was born in 1958 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, but grew up in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia. Terry Fox was a regular guy, but at the age of 18 he was diagnosed with bone cancer which [...]

Title tag is the most important SEO real estate that you have, just by rewriting the title tag you can easily increase your click thro rate. The title tag is a piece of code that tells the search engine what your page is all about. It gives a basis for the search spider to assign [...]

Shoemoney’s T Shirt arrives

I am a huge T shirt fan, espicially the ones that turn heads. I was excited when I won a Shoemoney T shirt for commenting on his blog. I love way Shoe has branded his blog and the superman kind of symbol his uses as his logo. The T shirt arrived by courrier this morning in a [...]