The Right Time is Now

We all have reasons for not making enough money from our blogs or for not making regular postings to our blogs. I been guilty of excuses even when I have a lot to write about its all in my head but its sheer laziness that keeps me away from posting it on the blog. For [...]

An Evening with The Blogging King – Yaro

If you want to succeed in life, study a successful person. Try and understand the mindset of the person. Associate with like minded people. This is a proven method to becoming successful. Since my early internet days Yaro has always been an inspiration to me and I did not want to miss my chance to [...]

Download the Yahoo Buzz Plugin

Yahoo Buzz went public this week, the launch was much anticipated by a lot of blog publishers to leverage the strength of Yahoo's traffic.  The benefit is that top buzz stories are linked from the Yahoo home page which gets tons of traffic on the story. When those stories hit the Yahoo home page there [...]

Dot Com Pho with John Chow and Toronto Bloggers

Saturday afternoon was a blast with John Chow and the rest of the blogging gang from Toronto. We were at the Vietnam Noodle Star in Scarborough, Toronto. A few intersections East from where I live. John Chow had some great tips for us to increase out blog traffic and a special message for WebTrafficROI readers. [...]

Toronto Bloggers Meet With John Chow & Yaro

Last night was an awesome evening meeting up with Toronto Bloggers, The mega Gurus of the Blogworld John Chow alongwith Blog Mastermind Coach Yaro were the stars of the evening. We had a big turn out of over 20 people that took the entire patio of the Live restaurant. The restaurant was recommended by Yaro [...]

Free PDF of Conversion Blogging Video

You may remember back in July I posted a blog on Yaro'sBlog Mastermind video called Conversion Blogging, which outlined Yaro's system of blogging and marketing with an email list to bring in over $100,000 per year. That video was a huge hit and many people who watched it went on to join Yaro's Blog Mastermind However, [...]

Get Free Traffic from

I won the Market Leverage Cashinator Cash Contest on You may want to register on Market Leverage for more contests from them. This is the 2 nd Contest win for me in this month, the first was on and now on Prize money on USD $ 27 , I know that's [...]

Don’t Make an Excuse, Make an Effort

If you are not moving towards becoming an authority in your niche, the future of your blog is very dim. You ll always remain a small timer and will never be able to make any impact on your category.The truth is that making money on the internet is becoming a lot tougher than it was [...]

This is now a “DoFollow” Blog

The "NoFollow" HTML tag that most blogs have by default completely ruins the natural process of link building. I am a believer of the natural link building process that helps your site gain higher PR and higher search results on Google. What is a "DoFollow" Blog ? A "DoFollow" Blog is a blog that makes the natural [...]

MSN Adcentre Sucks ( Part 2 )

Related post MSN Adcentre Sucks Part 1 After about 2.5 weeks of calling the Adcenter customer support I finally got an answer today. MSN Adcenter displayed ads that I had paused a week back. Apparently their system cannot pause the ads the moment you click on pause , ( They actually told me that their system was [...]