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8 Tested SEO Tips to bring more Traffic to your Website

It is not quite possible to lead high traffic to your website by just posting contents without doing any SEO, marketing and other promotional work. This is because there are simply so many websites out there with similar, if not better, contents. However, you can breathe a sigh of relief as the volume of online [...]

The 5 Basic Points of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing, like any other business venture, has both its pros and cons. It is crucial to fully understand where one may fail and where the other will succeed. To be a success in the fast paced world of innovation, but, through research, gaining knowledge of your customers’ likes and dislikes. Knowing this provides the [...]

A Test Plan for Social Media Marketing

Maintain What's Working, But Carve Out Some Budget for Social Unless you've suddenly received additional budget for social media marketing (insert laugh track), you're probably stuck diverting resources from other marketing budgets to make social media marketing happen. Try not to touch the funds supporting your current effective strategies, instead drawing from the cost of [...]

Four Essential, Free SEO Tools For Small Business

When we recently polled private schools asking them what questions they had about drill down into keywords to find longer phrases that you might be able to rank for. Google’s tool is actually targeted at Adwords users and it shows market competition for keywords; what applies to Adwords is probably very much true for organic [...]

Google recently announced today that its SEO Starter Guide is now available in 40 languages. This covers 98% of the global Internet audience according to the company. "We hope that webmasters around the world can use the guide to improve their sites' crawl-ability and indexing in search engines," says Brandon Falls of Google's Search Quality [...]

SEO Marketing by Digital Third Coast

Location makes a BIG difference to your business and bottom line, it's a fact that where your store was located made the difference in how much your business earned. The more people enter your store the more sales you'll make. In the online world, a high search engine rank is more powerful than the prime [...]

I just finished reading SEO Secrets by Glenn Murray, Glenn is an SEO Copywriter from Australia. I happen to connected with Glenn on Twitter, I checked out his site when I got to know that he is a SEO copywriter. Being in the SEO industry I further explored his site and came across his book [...]

Title tag is the most important SEO real estate that you have, just by rewriting the title tag you can easily increase your click thro rate. The title tag is a piece of code that tells the search engine what your page is all about. It gives a basis for the search spider to assign [...]