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SEO Secrets ebook – The Best Search Engine Optimization Guide minus the Fluff

by amol238


I just finished reading SEO Secrets by Glenn Murray, Glenn is an SEO Copywriter from Australia. I happen to connected with Glenn on Twitter, I checked out his site when I got to know that he is a SEO copywriter.

Being in the SEO industry I further explored his site and came across his book SEO Secrets, I was amazed to see a very different and simple landing page with no fluff, no upsell, no bonus not the typical clickbank kind of landing page.

The landing page copy was honest, written from the heart and that made me buy the SEO Secrets, I am yet to see such an honest landing page for an online downloadable product.

I’ve read all the top books on Search Engine Optimization by top SEO Experts, let me tell you that there are very few good SEO books that can actually teach you how to get your site high on Google ( in simple language minus the fluff ) and show you actual live examples of the results on Google.

SEO Secrets did not disappoint me, it in fact taught me a few thing about Search Engine Optimization which I was not aware. Glenn has put in a lot of work to make sure that his facts are accurate, easy to follow and illustrative.

The book gives great insights based on his real world experience of gaining search rankings. While blogs are supposed to be decently optimised for Google, its only the beginning there is still work that needs to be done to ensure it gets indexed by Google and ranks high.

You can make great difference to your traffic when you know how and Glenn’s SEO Secrets gives you the correct information on “how to” rank high and gain visibility on Google minus the fluff.

It’s a comprehensive do it yourself SEO guide for small and medium web business owners, bloggers and affiliate marketers.

It details a practical 10 step process that will get you to the top of Google.

SEO Secrets’ V2.0 includes:
– 213 pages
– Understand what SEO means (5 pages)
– Choose your keywords (7 pages)
– Develop your website right (36 pages)
– WordPress V2.7 blog optimization (30 pages)
– Optimize your web content (9 pages)
– Link baiting (26 pages)
– Other link building methods (13 pages)
– Monitor your progress (4 pages)
– The future of SEO (9 pages)
– 207 references in the bibliography!

Why should you believe Glenn ?
Because he has reached the top of the search engines using the very methods you ll find in the book.

His results in Google.com:

page 1 for “SEO copywriter”
page 1 for “website copywriter”
page 1 for “advertising copywriting”
page 1 for “website copywriting”
page 1 for “copywriting forum”
page 1 for “copywriter forum”
page 2 for “copywriter”
page 2 for “advertising copywriter”
page 2 for “internet copywriter”

The Search Engine market has a very solid resource on SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) teachings and advice at a very affordable price.

Glenn’s comments on Twitter


Glenn has been kind enough to offer a 20 % discount only to my readers all of this month. Once you download your copy of SEO Secrets from my site. Email me your details using the contact form and I ll refund you the money via paypal.

Download your SEO Secrets and save 20 % all of this month.

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denjames January 9, 2009 - 1:27 am

Secrets of SEO really interesting thanks for sharing .

almir@seo April 26, 2009 - 8:24 pm

I certainly agree with you it is very interesting

almir@seo April 26, 2009 - 8:54 pm

I just checked the actual ebook you need to buy this product i think its going to be a hot sell

almirs last blog post..Vital Tips That Can Aid Any Blogger

Juegos de amor October 3, 2009 - 2:16 am

really interesting is not enough to describe this, this is necesary for anyone who wants to save, money, time, and some stress when doing SEO, for most of us whose mainly work is not SEO its always a pain when we do big mistakes, I will get this book as i can…
.-= Juegos de amor´s last blog ..Chica Grafitti Vistela =-.

Busby SEO January 10, 2009 - 2:55 am

$79.95 I think it’s to expensive for me. But, if I have extra money I’ll buy this book. And to know more is this book great or not, so I have to buy it soon 😀

Busby SEOs last blog post..Busby SEO Test

almir@seo April 26, 2009 - 8:27 pm

I do agree with Busby He is kind of right it is a steep price but if I have a little bit of pocket money than its a for sure purchased book from me

Free Voip Calls November 5, 2010 - 10:25 pm

yup the price is a bit expensive..

Jen January 10, 2009 - 8:13 pm

I will definitely put this on my list of things to get and read this year. SEO is very confusing to me and I know very little about it so this would be a very comprehensive training. Thanks for the heads up and through review.

Jens last blog post..Network Marketing Income- Generating Your Prospects 4 Different Ways

almir@seo April 26, 2009 - 8:29 pm

It’s not a really difficult process all you need to do is get the right advice from someone that knows the seo name game

almirs last blog post..Vital Tips That Can Aid Any Blogger

IronBlogger - Blogging Tips and Tricks January 10, 2009 - 9:05 pm

Looks like a very honest review and product. SEO is very important when it comes to making money online with blogging and especially important if you plain to make all of your money with affiliate marketing.

I noticed that every marketer emphasizes a lot of ranking well in google for targeted searches. Your going to want to get all of the SEO traffic you possibly can.

IronBlogger – Blogging Tips and Trickss last blog post..Review of Blogging to the Bank 3.0

almir@seo April 26, 2009 - 8:30 pm

It does but they all seem that way especially with all of the fake testimonials and what not

Glenn Murray January 11, 2009 - 6:38 pm

Wow! Thanks for the very kind review, ZK. Very nice of you. Of course, I agree with everything you said, but it’s nonetheless nice to hear it from a seasoned online marketer such as yourself.

Re the sales page honesty, I’m with you! I hate those pages that go on and on, saying the same thing over and over. I’ve heard it argued that they sell quite effectively (to the right audience), but I just can’t bring myself to use that approach. Not my style. I find it insulting, so it goes against the grain to try it on my customers!

Anyway, thanks again for the review. I appreciate it!

Cheers. (@divinewrite at Twitter)

Glenn Murrays last blog post..The Law of Preferential Attachment and the Future of SEO

almir@seo April 26, 2009 - 8:32 pm

you do have a point their glen it was very interesting to what you had to say

almirs last blog post..Vital Tips That Can Aid Any Blogger

Games January 11, 2009 - 10:12 pm

I seen this somewhere and sell like $300 and come with 12cd. is this the one?

almir@seo April 26, 2009 - 8:34 pm

really well even if that was the case thats way overpriced which makes it a terrible buy in my eyes I would never buy it even if it had 12 cds but i don’t think that this is the one.

almirs last blog post..Vital Tips That Can Aid Any Blogger

Glenn Murray January 11, 2009 - 10:16 pm

Nah, that’s another product. It focuses specifically on WordPress blogs (doesn’t discuss all the other aspects of SEO). I haven’t read it, but I believe it’s quite good. Mine covers WordPress blogs comprehensively (30 pages), but I can’t say how it compares to Michael Martine’s offering.

Glenn Murrays last blog post..The Law of Preferential Attachment and the Future of SEO

almir@seo April 26, 2009 - 8:35 pm

thanks for clarifying this glen because it made everthing a lot easier

Scott Hardigree January 12, 2009 - 12:04 pm

A great resource for beginners and pros alike.


almir@seo April 26, 2009 - 8:37 pm

I would certainly think so myself but not for that price

almirs last blog post..Vital Tips That Can Aid Any Blogger

Games January 12, 2009 - 12:30 pm

This is the one i am talking about and cost a lots $$$ trafficsecrets.com by From: John Reese

sorry for confusion

almir@seo April 26, 2009 - 8:38 pm

well i don’t think its good that you assume always know your facts before you state something because it can look very unprofessional on your part

almirs last blog post..Vital Tips That Can Aid Any Blogger

Jim@Villa Park Pest Control January 12, 2009 - 1:06 pm

thanks for the heads up, this def. looks like it could help out my wordpress blog.

almir@seo April 26, 2009 - 8:40 pm

it can but is it worth buying something like this for 79 dollars

Kieran January 12, 2009 - 5:46 pm

Nice review.

I don’t really buy SEO books anymore as I feel once you have read a lot of them and know some stuff. You learn most of it by testing what works for your site and keeping up with some industry blogs.
Still, I wouldn’t mind checking this out, especially for the wordpress chapter.



Kierans last blog post..SEO – Understand how your page is ranked

almir@seo April 26, 2009 - 8:42 pm

i do agree because its like they tell you the same thing over and over again

almirs last blog post..Vital Tips That Can Aid Any Blogger

Eric@Car Donation Program January 12, 2009 - 11:31 pm

Thanks for a great review. I have a lot to learn about SEO and will take a closer look at this book.

Facebook Application Developers January 13, 2009 - 3:46 am

I agree with Kieran, but as the industry keeps changing and there is a room for big changes to adopt so that way it is nice to read every single remarkable thing that comes out with some novelty. Thanks for sharing this book, helps alot! I am little surprised that all the entrepreneurs and SEO that I have come across are Australians! Think I should apply for the passport there. Lol!

Bulk sms January 14, 2009 - 5:13 am

I would like to give a try. If he was in no 1 page for such a competitive word that means he knows very much about this.

Thanks Zk, You are rocking man.

ZK@Internet Marketing blog January 14, 2009 - 2:49 pm

Glenn Murray knows his job, this is not the run of the mill Clickbank kind of SEO book with upsell and bonus. This book is for serious web owners who want a Do It Yourself SEO solution that gives results.

ZKs last blog post..5 Strategies to get high Page Rank for your website in the next Google update

Ajith Edassery | DollarShower January 14, 2009 - 2:05 pm

The table of contents look impressive 🙂 However, I will not be able to buy it at that cost anyway…

Nice review.

Jon Buscall January 20, 2009 - 1:28 pm

Well, I bought it! Looks interesting. What convinced me was that he was doing really well for such highly competitive keywords. And his site/copy are really sweet. Very clean and compelling.

ZK@Internet Marketing blog January 20, 2009 - 3:00 pm

Hi Jon,

Glenn has been kind to offer a 20 % discount on SEO Secrets to the readers of this blog all of this month, please send me your paypal id using the contact form.

ZKs last blog post..5 Strategies to get high Page Rank for your website in the next Google update

Glenn Murray January 20, 2009 - 5:13 pm

Hi Jon. Thanks for your kind words. Hope you enjoy the book! FYI, if you like the existing site, you’re gonna love the new one. Hopefully it’ll be going live in the next week or so!

Glenn Murrays last blog post..It’s not your length that matters, it’s how much they like it!

New Car Prices India January 20, 2009 - 11:16 pm

I think its too expensive for me as of now. Anyways thanks for the information.

Eric @ Free Online Music January 26, 2009 - 11:57 pm

This looks like a good resource. SEO is confusing sometimes and I could use comprehensive training. Thanks for the heads up and through review.

SEO Company January 29, 2009 - 3:04 am

I read teh sample chapter of this book. Looks very useful. It is bit expensive for newbies.

Mike February 11, 2009 - 7:17 am

One of my friends bought this book and read it. He found this book easy to read and content-rich. I want to buy this book but I could not afford it, so I have to wait for sometime to buy this book.

Mark February 16, 2009 - 7:53 am

I am going to buy this book, because you are recommending it. So, surely it is definitely a good book to read and gain knowldege about SEO.

Zaslony March 3, 2009 - 3:49 am

He’s got good references. First page for these competitive phrases. What kind of link building methods does he describe? I mean other than link baiting.

annarogers March 14, 2009 - 6:29 am

Good content. Just wanted to add some points here that may be helpful for those looking out for professional SEO services. There are tons of SEO companies offering different SEO packages and solutions at highly competitive rates. However, when looking our for these services, its important to not only look at the affordability factor but also what is unique about their SEO service and what differentiates them from other companies.

While choosing an SEO company its equally important to analyze the SEO company’s website in terms of their Rankings, Yahoo links, Google index, Alexa ranking and similar such factors which indicates the company’s expertise in the field of SEO. So make sure you are doing enough research and smart work before investing your advertising spend.

peter March 14, 2009 - 1:24 pm

nice preview for book it seems good book

Michael Harrington March 24, 2009 - 5:33 pm

The article was very informative and I hope that I will get such good article in future also. I often read your articles and will also read in future. But ZK what do you think about Web Analytics?

ZK@Internat Marketing Blog March 24, 2009 - 8:28 pm

Thanks Michael I am glad you like the post. I am a firm believer about measuring output. In an internet envirnoment its extremely important that you keep measuring your website or blog efforts. Web Analytics is a critical component that will help take your website or blog to the next level.

ZKs last blog post..SERP Analytics – Search Analytics & Complete SEO Toolkit for Online Business – Big & Small

almir@seo April 26, 2009 - 8:49 pm

well said i did learn a lot from your blog as well as all the other blog entries you have their always very interesting is well as helpful

almirs last blog post..Vital Tips That Can Aid Any Blogger

almir@seo April 26, 2009 - 8:52 pm

i have to agree it was which is probably why you should purchase the ebook.

almirs last blog post..Vital Tips That Can Aid Any Blogger

Seo submissions March 26, 2009 - 11:31 pm

Great post on the internet works. I used to just simply to a little blogging but I found out that social bookmarking and search engine submissions are also helpful for marketing. I will be trying that soon.

almir@seo April 26, 2009 - 8:47 pm

its a big part in increasing your seo efforts

almirs last blog post..Vital Tips That Can Aid Any Blogger

motivational quotes April 12, 2009 - 3:28 pm

Well i believe website in terms of their Rankings, Yahoo links, Google index, Alexa ranking and similar such factors which indicates the company’s expertise in the field of SEO. I appreciate the effort you put and this is the awesome stuff having Secrets of SEO.

almir@seo April 26, 2009 - 8:44 pm

i enjoyed learning about this. I will look into this book because it does seem rather interesting and beneficial and that it can probably help my seo efforts.

Lena Steuern@ sicher Kaufen und Verkaufen April 27, 2009 - 4:28 am

You’re right, there are a lot of “SEO Experts” and “tutorials” out there, but it is nice to find something which is very straight-forward – it just makes everything a lot simpler.

ken@cheap website hosting April 27, 2009 - 5:10 pm

If the book actualy shows how to get links and seo site or blog with plugins and other tools that is more than most ever tell you. Alot of the books only give you some info and never all of it. Sounds like a decent book and the price you do get what you pay for sometimes.

ZK@Web Marketing Blog April 27, 2009 - 5:49 pm

The book gives you information on how you can optimise your site to rank high on Google. I use SEO methods and tips from this book for this blog, you can be assured if you work on the methods Glenn explains in the book, you ll start to see your site or blog get more organic traffic in less time.

ZKs last blog post..The Membership Site Master Plan – Reserve your FREE copy today

kitchen taps May 5, 2009 - 6:44 am

Very useful book for all those who want to know the most important techniques about SEO. A good information is provided in the book for getting the knowledge of ranking the site in Google.

James@Symbian Applications May 11, 2009 - 11:51 pm

Nice post keep the good working

Zemalf@Free Downloadable eBooks June 24, 2009 - 12:00 pm

Glenn’s results in Google sure speak for themselves. That is pretty sick, the price could be a bit lower to make it more tempting, but being so tempting on that price, I gotta do some pondering.
.-= Zemalf@Free Downloadable eBooks´s last blog ..The Power of Free Downloadable eBooks =-.

kalle@motorsport June 29, 2009 - 5:07 pm

wow sounds good, looks interesting for me to start with optimation.

nfusion satellite July 10, 2009 - 2:44 am

now i’m learning about seo. i will buy this book. its a big part in increasing my seo efforts

website creation July 27, 2009 - 1:13 am

40% of all purchases by the year 2020 will be online and sEO will play a vital role in the purchase cycle

East London Lettings July 29, 2009 - 6:06 am

looks like a good read!.. might grab it

search engine optimization firm July 30, 2009 - 1:56 am

Properly optimizing your pages to make them “search engine friendly” can greatly increase your search engine rankings, traffic levels, and potential earnings from your website.

Clickbank Affiliate August 5, 2009 - 8:05 am

There is obviously a lot to know about this. I think you made some good points in Features also.

game-girl August 8, 2009 - 6:06 am

I think SEO is not an easy subject for many people.And the ebook will be an exellent textbook and guide.
.-= game-girl´s last blog ..Правдивая ложь 2 – правда или ложь? =-.

Online Paid Surveys August 15, 2009 - 4:34 am

Thanks for a great review. I have a lot to learn about SEO and will take a closer look at this book.

Can anyone please share the reviews who has read this book?

Glenn Murray August 31, 2009 - 6:17 pm

Hi Online Paid Surveys. Yes, you can see a whole heaps of testimonials from buyers on the sales page linked to above. Let me know if you have any other questions.
.-= Glenn Murray´s last blog ..Copy Clip: How to come up with a great domain name – even if you’re creatively challenged! =-.

Chandan@earn money online September 2, 2009 - 6:57 am

Thaks a lot for the information about the ebook. I was searching a great ebook on SEO.
.-= Chandan@earn money online´s last blog ..30 Days To Create a Profitable Online Business =-.

Online News Today October 12, 2009 - 5:44 am

nice post…
keep blogging…
.-= Online News Today´s last blog ..College Football Rankings Week 7 =-.

Neeraj Kaushik@Motorsport October 27, 2009 - 3:34 am

It’s a great book. Thankyou very much for the e-book.

olivia@phrasal verbs list January 9, 2010 - 3:45 am

thanks for this knowledgeable book very useful.

Eden@SEO Strategies March 17, 2010 - 1:08 am

Very imformative I must say… I found your site via google and I think your site is nice. Thanks for the hard work!

sam@top ranking secrets May 5, 2010 - 3:04 am

This e book really good for seo newbie and i think seo is really good to become top link of SERP and to get a lot of traffic as well.

SEO fa August 6, 2010 - 7:50 pm

Thanks for the review, looks like an interesting ebook to check out.

Earn Money Online John September 26, 2010 - 5:14 pm

I am definitely going to get this ebook.

Seo Packages October 1, 2010 - 4:40 am

Thanks for the information about the affordable seo packages. So through this I can improve my own niche site and attract the traffic on my site.

Farmville Cheats October 20, 2010 - 12:51 am

I hope seo secrets can help me rank my website. Going to check it out!

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