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Google’s 10 Minute Video Guide to SEO Basics

With the Pandas and Penguins out of the cage, SEO is becoming a tough playground. The search game is constantly changing, Google's Webmaster Central Team gives you a lesson in SEO basics. Some of Maile's tips include: - Verify your account with meta tags for search results, don't waste your time on them. - Have [...]

The Top 5 Books for SEO

Blogs are great to stay on top of your industry with the latest trends and insights. But sometimes blogs are too brief as a medium to fully communicate an idea. Sometimes you need a gold old-fashioned book to immerse yourself into a subject to fully comprehend the depth of the discipline. Search engine optimization (SEO) [...]

New businesses and those new to online marketing can be pulled into traps when they are looking for someone to conduct there SEO campaign. So if you are one of those that need help with their SEO (Search Engine Optimization) then you could find yourself falling into the grubby hands of some “dodgy” SEOs. Just [...]

I just finished reading SEO Secrets by Glenn Murray, Glenn is an SEO Copywriter from Australia. I happen to connected with Glenn on Twitter, I checked out his site when I got to know that he is a SEO copywriter. Being in the SEO industry I further explored his site and came across his book [...]

Get the Google Search Engine Optimization Guide

The Google Webmasters Blog has recently released a very simple and straight forward guide to SEO - Search Engine Optimization for your website. This guide covers all the broad basics that will be helpful to a newbie or website owner. It's a guide that will help you achieve a higher SERP ( Search Engine Rank [...]