Twitter’s new ‘Block Troll’ feature


Twitter Block Troll

You so often see users on twitter trolling on a tweet or upsetting a tweet conversation from a celebrity or a brand. This hampers the overall Twitter experience and spams users’ twitter feeds.

To counter this twitter has come out with a super feature that will help you block trolls or people who’s tweets you don’t want to see.

According to Twitter,

“A powerful tool to restrict people from contacting you or seeing your Tweets when logged into Twitter. When you block someone on Twitter, they cannot follow you or send Direct Messages. If they @ mention you, you will not see a Notification.”

If you block a ‘troll’, they will not be able to see any of your tweets or retweets, even if someone replies to it. And its vice- versa , you won’t see their tweet either.

My suggestion to twitter would be to have a troll list that can be accessed on Twitter, this will help us all to block potential trolls and make twitter a better place.

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