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The difference between Action and Self-Delusion – What you need to know before the New Year Clock Ticks in

by amol238

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When knowledge is backed up by strong emotions and desire it leads to action. Action is indeed the key element that ensures effective results. Of course, as most of us know only action triggers reaction, so only positive form of action can lead to positive reaction.

Action Vs. Self Delusion:
– Indeed our world admires and prefers to look at those who can MAKE things happen and this leads to ripples of rewarding enterprise. Today, we can watch many people who are in fact sold on AFFIRMATIONS. No wonder, faith without any action is dead! We are not opposed to affirmations being used as a medium to create action.

Moreover, when they are repeated it leads to a well-disciplined plan to make good results. However, there’s a very slim border between folly & faith. Just plain affirmations without any action can indeed be the initiation of SELF DELUSION.

Well, you see a man who just dreams of becoming wealthy, but runs daily towards unwanted financial calamity or a woman who just hopes for happiness but thinks and does acts that push her towards depression are both sitting ducks of false hope that in fact affirmations without any real action can produce.

Now why is it so? Because WORDS smoothen and lull us into a narcotic state of CONTENTMENT. So in order to develop and make a real progress, we need to GET STARTED really instead of being in a hypnotic state of self-delusion.

In fact, the key factor is to take a step right TODAY! No matter what type of job/project you’ve in mind, initiate it today. You need to begin by setting a realistic goal. Start reading motivational books.

Begin calling one hard customer today. Kick off that weight decrease plan today. Set out some money today for investment. It’s time you wrote that long overdue greeting this season to your family members/ friends. You see the point is anyone can come out of the deadening self-delusion and take action today!

It’s time to get that momentum going to fulfill your new commitment towards a better and happy life. You need to prove yourself more than anyone else that you can do it and the long waiting is over.

Hope is now a past feeling, faith & action must take the reins of today. You have nothing to lose except the past life’s hopeless fears and guilt. Make it Happen and Take charge of your life. It’s going to be the dawn of a new year, a new life, and an awesome beginning.

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