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8 Best Practices from Google Adsense Team to keep your adsense account active

by amol238

Google Adsense

Google Adsense has been a money spinner for a majority of blogs and websites since its launch in 2004. Technology bloggers and bloggers with niche wesbites have made a killing with adsense. The Google Adsense team posted a mini guide on the best practices to keep your Adsense account active and compliant.

8 Best Practices to keep your Google Adsense account active:

1) Do not click on your own ads:
– This is a no brainer, if you keep clicking on your own ads you run the risk of getting your account deactivated by the Google team. If you’re interested in an ad or looking for its URL use the Google Publishing tool. Google algorithms are very advanced to check clicks by you on your own ads.

2) Think like a user:
– Google preaches webmasters to think like users while designing websites ie. write content for the user, design websites for the user. Its all about giving the user super web experience. The best of sites that make money with adsense are built for users.

3) Keep it family friendly and legal:
– The best of sites that make money with adsense are legal and family friendly. So keep your sites friendly and legal.

4) Maximize content, not ads per page:
– Website are about creating content and communities, ads should be minimum on the page and not obstruct the pages on the website or shown via black hat techniques.

5) Avoid deceptive layouts:
– Website layouts that are deceptive and create to increase user clicks can be risky and may get your adsense account banned by Google. Create clean website with superior navigation and easy to access pages.

6) Create unique content:
– Content is king, spend time to create compelling content that appeals to users. Copy cat content gets less visibility and does not good to make money online.

7) Track your Traffic:
– Analysis of your traffic and user behavior on your site is important, it gives you a direction about what is working on your site. Keep a check on where your traffic originates from, link and traffic from spammy sites can harm your websites authority with Google.

8) Follow the code of implementation guide:
– When is doubt always follow the code of implementation guide, Google has published this guide for assistance to webmasters and to ensure that website are compliant.

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